Tech writer and ex-software developer with a penchant for travel, techno, and data. I believe in the right to a free and open internet and will rabbit on about it for hours if given half a chance.

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No entry sign over DNA double helix strings.
3 mins

The privacy cost of consumer DNA profiling

Let’s talk about data. No, not your Facebook likes that companies use to spam you with targeted advertising. Or...
Keys inside decoder wheel.
3 mins

The secret codes that nobody can crack

Remember back in school, when you and your best friend would exchange secret notes across the classroom in code?...
girl scouts logo on a cloud with a green background
2 mins

Girl Scouts are our next wave of cybersecurity experts

Do you know what badges Girl Scouts are collecting these days? It’s not just Hiker, Making Friends, and Cookie...
The best tech podcasts
3 mins

Looking for the best tech podcasts? Here are ExpressVPN’s favorites

Getting onto a good podcast is like discovering a delicious new restaurant, a killer local bar, or an engrossing...

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