Learn about Privacy, Security, and a Free Internet

While the world is continually threatened by online censorship and surveillance, there have still been notable victories in the fight for a free and open internet. Countless men and women have collaborated to liberate the web. Educating oneself about their efforts is one way to stay vigilant and make sure our privacy remains intact. Read on below to learn more about prominent internet movements and leaders.

Editors’ Picks
Privacy Organizations You Have to Know
fight for the future

Internet Activists
Fight for the Future

Of all the organizations campaigning to protect our online rights and freedoms, Fight for the Future (FftF) could well be… Read More
Important Biographies
Glenn Greenwald

Profiling NSA leak journalist
Glenn Greenwald

He’s a man of many talents, from civil rights litigator to best-selling author. But Glenn Greenwald is perhaps best known as the journalist... Read More
Get Involved in Privacy Campaigns!
fight for the future

A Guide to National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Since 2004, National Cyber Security Awareness Month has encouraged Americans to follow best practices to make the web a safer place. Read More
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