The shortcuts feature appears on the ExpressVPN home screen after you connect to the VPN. It will not appear the first time you connect, but it will appear from your second connection onward.

Shortcuts allow you to conveniently and quickly launch apps and websites straight from the ExpressVPN app anytime you are connected. If you find yourself regularly visiting a handful of favorite destinations after connecting to VPN, adding them as shortcuts saves you from having to switch back to your device’s home screen or browser to find it each time.

You are connected to ExpressVPN.

To launch an app or website, tap its icon.

If you have fewer than five shortcuts selected, you can add one by tapping Add icon. .

To add or remove shortcuts, tap Menu icon. > Settings > App and Website Shortcuts.

Tap "Apps and Website Shortcuts."

Under Include, you can add up to five shortcuts.

You can add or remove a shortcut.

You will be able to launch these apps or websites directly from the ExpressVPN home screen when connected to VPN.

To add a shortcut to the list, tap Add icon. . To remove a shortcut, tap Remove icon. .

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