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Sorority recruitment at the University of Alabama exploded on TikTok with the viral hashtags #BamaRush and #RushTok. Sorority hopefuls took to the platform to chronicle their rush-week outfits, and as indulgent as it was, most of us couldn’t look away. Now, the TikTok phenomenon has inspired a documentary film; here’s what you need to know about the Bama Rush documentary.

What is Bama Rush about? 

Unfamiliar with sorority culture? The highly anticipated documentary Bama Rush will take you right inside Bama’s hallowed sorority mansions Follow the meticulously planned series of events during Rush Week, when sororities recruit freshmen into their organizations. Rush Week at the University of Alabama consists of four rounds:

  • • Open House: Potential new members (PNMs) get familiar with the different sororities
  • • Philanthropy Day: PNMs learn about the sorority’s charity work, but they do not participate in any actual philanthropy
  • • Sisterhood round: PNMs spend highly monitored one-on-one time with sorority members
  • • Pref Night: PNMs visit their two favorite sororities

Everything comes to an end when PNMs accept bids to join their preferred sorority—that is, if they get offered a bid. Needless to say, Rush Week brings a lot of high emotions and drama as the PNMs vie for a spot with their favorite sorority. This might sound like every other sorority recruitment process, but the #BamaRush phenomenon has grown so big that students have actively applied to the University of Alabama because of it.

While #BamaRush on TikTok has mostly been confined to PNMs showing off their OOTDs (outfit of the day), the Bama Rush documentary is set to take viewers into the whole sorority recruitment process. Production of the documentary was allegedly “undercover” due to the university’s disapproval of it.

Bama Rush release date 

The Bama Rush documentary can be streamed on demand from Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Where to watch Bama Rush


Based in the U.S.? The Bama Rush documentary streams exclusively on Max (formerly HBO Max). The documentary ws one of the many big-name premieres that launched the new service on May 23. Price plans for Max start at 10 USD.

For audiences outside the U.S., unfortunately, Bama Rush remains a Max exclusive for now. There’s no word if the documentary will stream on regional versions of HBO’s streaming service.

Who is in the Bama Rush cast? 

The documentary will follow prospective sorority members through Rush Week, and we’re certain that TikTok accounts that top the #BamaRush hashtag will make appearances. Sleuths have used TikTok to speculate who would appear in the documentary, many believe that Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022 Kylan Darnell will appear alongside other TikTok personalities and PNMs like Grant Sikes. A cast list for the documentary has not been revealed.

Can I use a VPN to watch Bama Rush in another country?

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