Lauren Hendry Parsons

Director, Communications & Advocacy

Digital rights expert

Lauren Hendry Parsons is Director, Communications & Advocacy at ExpressVPN, and co-chair of the VPN Trust Initiative. She acts as a digital rights expert to help people understand the importance of digital privacy and security, and believes that defending online rights and freedoms has never been more critical.

Lauren is also passionate about helping others around her find purpose in what they do and is an active public speaker, mentor, and accredited mediator.

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"Free access to social media and the broader internet is crucial for citizens to connect, organize, and overcome oppression—and we exist to be part of the solution."

Lauren's top picks

Rights Center

Here is a look at how we work to protect those in need of more resources, protection, and/or support.

Trust Centre

Our users trust us to protect their privacy with an industry-leading combination of hardware, software, and human ingenuity.

No-logs VPN

We’re committed to safeguarding your privacy and also aim to be transparent about the information we do and don’t collect.

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