Brian Schirmacher

Offensive Security Manager

Security expert

Brian Schirmacher is Offensive Security Manager at ExpressVPN. He leads ExpressVPN’s internal security efforts to deliver comprehensive threat modeling, design review, and penetration testing of our apps and services, and works closely with independent auditors to verify our security.

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"Audits by esteemed cybersecurity firms such as Cure53 are one of our many trust and transparency initiatives. We want to continue setting the bar high for the industry."

Brian's top picks

Threat manager

ExpressVPN’s Threat Manager feature restricts your data from being shared with third-party companies on our blocklist.


ExpressVPN Keys helps you manage unlimited passwords, credit card details, and notes securely on any device.


The ExpressVPN iOS app hides your IP address, protects your data, and unblocks sites and apps.

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