David Gilbert

Staff Product Manager

Technical expert

David Gilbert is Staff Product Manager at ExpressVPN, and is currently responsible for the development of Aircove—the VPN industry’s first hardware product. He has over 17 years of experience building consumer software and hardware products with startups and large companies around the world. David first joined ExpressVPN in 2013 and has a strong understanding of the VPN industry and users’ needs.

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"As a privacy-focused company, we set out to create Aircove with the aim that it would be easy to use, offer powerful capabilities, and, above all, deliver the security standards that our VPN users have come to expect."

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VPN security doesn’t have to be complicated. With Aircove running, your entire Wi-Fi network is protected—and friends and family can share your VPN!

Parental controls

ExpressVPN’s apps feature an adult-site blocker, which comes included with your VPN subscription to shield your family from explicit content.

Ad blocker

Our ad blocker filters out most display ads and stops them from loading and appearing on your browser. Included with every ExpressVPN subscription.

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