10 times Facebook violated your privacy.
5 mins

10 times Facebook violated your privacy

To say that Facebook has a less-than-stellar reputation for privacy is understating it. Here are some major instances where the company didn’t guard your data.
Smartwatch, smart glasses, and wristband with the Facebook logo.
2 mins

Facebook wearables are coming. Would you want them?

If you thought Facebook knew too much about you, wait till it launches hardware products like fitness trackers, smart glasses, and neural wristbands.
3 mins

Why is Facebook fighting Apple’s App Store ‘privacy labels’?

Apple has started requiring apps in its App Store to provide privacy labels, which tell users what types of data the app collects and sends to third parties.
facebook says its future in europe is unclear
3 mins

Facebook: Our future in Europe is unclear

The social media giant says it doesn’t know how it will cope with the EU’s new data-transfer rules. But to observers, it’s inconceivable that the company will quit Europe.
Android robot with horns.
2 mins

New Android malware targets Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

This article was originally published on June 1, 2020. A new Android zero-day exploit, targeting primarily Thai users, has been...
Facebook app icon with surveillance notification alert.
2 mins

What is Off-Facebook activity, and what does it reveal about your...

Facebook harvests a lot of your data, even when you’re not actually using it. Now, finally, Facebook is letting...
An illustratoin of the Stars nd Stripes, but the Facebook F replaces all the stars.
4 mins

Governments are demanding user data from Facebook in record numbers

According to Facebook’s latest transparency report, government requests for user data reached their highest level ever in the first...
A white coin-shaped circle on a purple background. Within the coin-shaped circle are the three wavy lines of the Libra logo.
5 mins

Facebook’s cryptocurrency has governments scrambling

There are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain instruments commonly traded on more than 250 platforms around the world....
A profile of a shouting person.
3 mins

Why Facebook is the tool of choice for government manipulation

The Global Disinformation Order, a new study by the Oxford Internet Institute, confirms our worst fears about governments’ use...
The Facebook logo with a bite taken from it, similar to Apple's logo.
5 mins

Wozniak says we should get off Facebook but why should Zuckerberg...

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest tech celebrity to urge users to purge their Facebook account, suggesting that...

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