Alan is like a slow cooker for tough ideas: just put them in, and he’ll turn them into something tasty and easy to eat. When he’s not doing that, he also likes cooking, no surprise there.

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picture of a vpn switch taped in the on position
5 mins

Should you keep your VPN on all the time?

Why we recommend doing so—and the situations where a VPN is vital.
5 mins

What is Web3?

The latest version of the internet offers a different approach to business, money, online communities, and more.
whatsapp vs signal balancing scale
2 mins

WhatsApp vs. Signal: Which is more secure?

If both have end-to-end encryption, why is Signal the favorite for privacy?
5 mins

5 common apps that put your privacy at risk

Love your coffee rewards? Time to rethink those apps.
Balloon with eu logo and lock.
6 mins

GDPR 4 years on: How data consent changed the internet

Do you love or hate the “I agree” button? We take a look at how the EU's data privacy law has affected individuals and businesses.

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