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Phone cases in a bin.
4 mins

What to do with old phone cases

Find out how to reuse or recycle old phone cases and the types of eco-friendly options on the market.
A person with question marks above his head.
5 mins

How to choose a security question

Security questions are best when they cannot be guessed or researched. We list some examples of strong questions and answers.
A string of numbers.
5 mins

Static (dedicated) vs. dynamic IP: What’s the difference?

Everyone online has an IP address—dynamic or static (dedicated). Find out what they do and which is better.
Data being transferred between phones.
9 mins

Got a new iPhone or Android? Here’s how to transfer data...

Switching to a new smartphone? Here’s how to move your data from your old phone to a new phone.
A lock with the "Android" logo.
3 mins

5 Android settings to toggle off for your privacy

If you want more privacy on your Android phone, check out these device settings you should switch off right away.
A key.
6 mins

What to do if your social media account gets hacked

How to recover a hacked or hijacked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn account. What to do after a social media hack.
Two phones next to each other.
5 mins

How to stay safe and private on dating apps: 9 dos...

Put yourself out there without putting yourself at risk. Here’s how you stay private when navigating the dating realm online.
A lost phone.
4 mins

What you should do after losing your phone

Losing your phone is nerve-racking, but it’s best stay focused on getting it back and protecting your data.
Update icon with a question mark.
4 mins

Auto app updates: Pros and cons, and how to turn them...

Apps should be updated regularly to safeguard your device’s security. But should you set them to update automatically or manually?
App with a "delete" button.
3 mins

What you should do when deleting an app from your phone

Removing an app from your phone does not mean you’ve deleted your account on the service. The app maker still has your information.

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