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Sentient AI scouring the internet for photos of Paddington bear photoshopped into other movies and shows.

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Best dark web search engines in 2023
6 mins

Best dark web search engines to explore in 2024

You can’t Google search your way around the dark web. Use these search engines instead.
Geo pin tied to a string
7 mins

Best AirTag alternatives for Android and iPhone

AirTags are great for keeping tabs on your stuff, only if you use an iPhone. Check out these AirTag alternatives for all devices.
Robotic art painting AI art.
9 mins

​​AI-generated art: What is it, and how does it work?

A painting of an otter wearing a pearl earring in the style of Vermeer? Welcome to the joys of art created by artificial intelligence.
Phone display with a sleep toggle
6 mins

How to turn off always-on displays on iPhone and Android

Apple’s hot new iPhone feature puts everything on your lock screen for everyone to see all the time.
Chrome vs. Firefox: Which is better?
8 mins

Google Chrome vs. Firefox: Which is the better browser in 2024?

Here's what you need to know about these two popular browsers.
Email masking
6 mins

Why you shouldn’t give out your email address

Plus the easiest ways around it.
What is crypto malware
5 mins

What is crypto malware? And how to detect it

Criminals want to secretly use your computer to mine cryptocurrency. Don’t let them.
How to check and remove malware on your Android phone
10 mins

How to find and remove malware on your Android device

Worried about an infected Android phone? Here are the signs to look out for and the steps to remove and prevent future malware infections.
What are Spam Risk phone calls and how do I block them?
4 mins

What is “Spam Risk” and how do I block these phone...

No, “Spam Risk” isn’t a joke contact name. It’s your carrier identifying the call as potential spam.
How to optimize your PC for gaming
4 mins

How to optimize your PC for gaming

7 ways to adjust your computer to avoid dropped frames or sudden slowdowns, and otherwise improve your gaming experience on Windows PC.

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