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2024 February 19
version 3.64.0

  • Our engineers have been on a bug-busting spree to keep the app running smoothly for you.

2024 February 5
version 3.63.0

  • Just giving the app a little tune up!

2024 January 22
version 3.62.0

  • We spruced up our internal engines; the app is running better than it was.

2024 January 8
version 3.61.0

Advanced protection is now available on Linux!

Advanced protection is a suite of privacy and security features designed to give you more control over your online experience:

  • Ad blocker: Filter out most display ads and stop them from loading and appearing on your browser.
  • Adult-site blocker: Manage your digital well-being by blocking explicit content.
  • Threat Manager: Protect your online traffic from malicious sites and trackers.

2023 December 6
version 3.60.0

  • We’ve blown away the cobwebs and given the app a good old clean-up! Several little bugs were squished in the process.

2023 November 23
version 3.59.0

  • We improved connectivity in some countries.

2023 November 8
version 3.58.0

  • Your VPN experience just leveled up thanks to a few improvements and tweaks.

2023 November 1
version 3.57.1

  • We’ve improved connectivity in some countries.

2023 September 28
version 3.57.0

  • We’ve added support for Zsh autocompletion.

2023 September 13
version 3.56.0

  • We’ve added post-quantum support to Lightway. Enjoy an enhanced connection experience and protection from attackers with access to powerful quantum computers.

2023 September 5
version 3.55.0

  • We’ve fixed a bug that was causing you to experience long connection and disconnection times while using Lightway.

2023 August 31
version 3.54.0

  • We’ve just added DTLS 1.3 support to Lightway. This means you’ll get a faster and more secure connection experience.

2023 August 21
version 3.53.0

  • Just squashed a couple of niggling bugs.

2023 August 3
version 3.52.0

  • In this release, we’ve improved our support for Linux distros that have implemented the merged /usr directories scheme.

2023 July 31
version 3.51.0

  • You can now (finally) update ExpressVPN via your standard package manager commands. Instructions will be shown when an update is available. *note that this feature is not available on Arch

2023 July 11
version 3.50.0

  • We’ve implemented a few minor tweaks in the app that are too small to notice.

2023 June 21
version 3.49.0

ExpressVPN now requires the following Linux versions: 

  • Ubuntu: 20.04 and above
  • Debian: 10 and above
  • Fedora: 37 and above
  • Raspberry Pi (armhf): Pi OS 10 and above
  • Mint: Linux Mint 20 and above
  • Arch: Latest rolling release

Due to the distros themselves no longer supporting older versions, we are unable to guarantee the desired level of security you’ve come to expect of the ExpressVPN app on older versions of Linux.

Make sure you update to the latest version of your respective Linux distro to ensure you’re getting the latest security updates and features.

2023 April 19
version 3.48.0

  • We’ve polished a few rough edges to improve your experience with the app.

2023 April 12
version 3.47.0

  • We’ve rolled out some refinements under the hood to give you a smoother experience.

2023 March 29
version 3.46.0

  • A little fix here and a little fix there.

2023 March 15
version 3.45.0

  • We fixed an unexpected signout issue for ArchLinux users.

2023 March 1
version 3.44.0

  • Just housekeeping! We’ve made some minor code changes that don’t impact users.

2023 February 15
version 3.43.0

  • We trimmed the hedges and pruned the begonias, and now all is right again in your ExpressVPN garden.

2023 February 8
version 3.42.0

In this release, we:

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing you from spoofing your location.
  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2023 January 4
version 3.39.0

  • We fixed compatibility issues with Raspberry Pi, so you should be able to use the app as expected.

2022 December 21
version 3.38.0

  • Our engineers keep tweaking and tinkering behind the scenes, so you always get the best app we can deliver.

2022 November 23
version 3.37.0

  • Just some minor tweaks that our perfectionist engineers insisted on.

2022 November 9
version 3.36.0

  • We improved connectivity in some countries.

2022 October 13
version 3.34.1

  • We improved connectivity in some countries.

2022 September 7
version 3.32.0

  • We improved connectivity in some countries.

2022 August 17
version 3.30.0

  • Tightened up some nuts and bolts, nothing to worry about.

2022 August 3
version 3.29.0

  • Spritzed up, feeling fresh.

2022 July 20
version 3.28.0

  • Polished off a couple of rough edges to keep your VPN experience as smooth as possible.

2022 July 6
version 3.27.1

  • A little polish to our engine always helps to make your app run smoother.

2022 June 27
version 3.26.1

  • We’ve done a few nips and tucks to keep our app in top form for you.

2022 June 8
version 3.25.0

  • Seeing double? Not anymore. We fixed a bug in the CLI that was causing the acknowledgement message for some commands to appear twice.

2022 May 25
version 3.24.0

  • We corrected an issue that might have prevented you from connecting to the VPN if you were on Debian 9 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and selected one of the Lightway protocols.

2022 May 11
version 3.23.0

  • Our designer and writer banded together to standardize the output format on the Linux command-line interface (CLI) preference settings.

2022 April 29
version 3.22.0

  • Just housekeeping! We’ve made some minor code changes that don’t impact users.

2022 April 1
version 3.21.0

  • Some help messages in the preference section of the app had gone missing–we’ve found them again.

2022 March 21
version 3.20.0

In this release, we:

  • Resolved an issue that may have caused you to be disconnected for 30 to 60 seconds, if you happened to be connected to a VPN server while it was rebooting. Now, your app will reconnect immediately when a server reboots, without interruption.

2022 March 4
version 3.19.0

In this release, we:

  • Fixed a bug where auto-connect was experiencing glitches, though it was toggled on.
  • Included a request for permission to send diagnostics for new app activations, as we take your consent seriously.
  • Improved Threat Manager’s performance and memory consumption. We aim to block trackers using less memory
    • To enable Threat Manager, run:

    expressvpn preferences set block_trackers true

2022 February 8
version 3.18.1

  • Introducing Threat Manager, a new feature that adds an extra layer of privacy to your device by preventing apps from communicating with trackers or other malicious third parties without your knowledge. To enable Threat Manager, run: expressvpn preferences set block_trackers true

2022 January 21
version 3.17.0

  • Bug fixes.

2021 Dec 29
version 3.16.0

  • Bug fixes.

2021 Nov 30
version 3.14.0

  • Fixed a bug that allowed DNS requests.

2021 Nov 2
version 3.13.0

  • Updated the acknowledgements page for native dependencies within the app.

2021 Oct 18
version 3.12.0

  • Updated the acknowledgements page for native dependencies within the app.

2021 Sep 6
version 3.11.0

  • Updated to the latest Lightway version.
  • Bug fixes.

2021 Aug 17
version 3.10.0

  • Improved connectivity in some countries when using Lightway.
  • For Linux v3.10.0 or above: force_vpn_dns is no longer optional. It is now always on to better protect user privacy.
  • For Arch Linux: To update to v3.9.0 or above, you must run this command once:
    pacman -U --overwrite /etc/default/expressvpn --overwrite /etc/init.d/expressvpn --overwrite /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/expressvpn [path to downloaded pkg.tar.xz]

2021 June 28
version 3.9.0

  • Implemented updates to installation paths to follow Linux conventions.
  • Removed System V init script support from Fedora packages.
  • Improved connection reliability when using Lightway.
  • For Arch Linux: To update to v3.9.0 or above, you must run this command once:
    pacman -U --overwrite /etc/default/expressvpn --overwrite /etc/init.d/expressvpn --overwrite /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/expressvpn [path to downloaded pkg.tar.xz]

2021 May 18
version 3.8.0

  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1k.
  • Bug Fixes.

2021 March 29
version 3.7.0

  • Security fix related to an upstream bug (CVE-2021-3336) in wolfSSL that affected only Lightway – TCP, a protocol currently in preview. We blocked Lightway – TCP on our servers for all affected versions on March 18, and this update fixes the bug and restores connectivity for Lightway – TCP. We found the bug through our routine internal security audits, and we have no evidence that it was ever exploited.
  • Bug fixes.

2021 March 10
version 3.6.0

Introducing the Lightway TCP protocol. Lightway TCP may be slower than Lightway UDP but connects better on certain networks. To connect using Lightway TCP, run “expressvpn protocol lightway_tcp”.

2021 February 5
version 3.5.0

  • Bug fixes & documentation updates.

2021 January 18
version 3.4.2

  • Updated notification icon with ExpressVPN’s new logo.

2021 January 12
version 3.4.1

  • Bug fixes.

2021 January 4
version 3.4.0

  • Reduced time to connect using the Lightway protocol.
  • Bug fixes.

2020 December 17
version 3.3.0

  • Bug fixes.

2020 October 23
version 3.2.0

  • Fixed a case of “connected but cannot browse” in apps installed with Snap.
  • Improved compatibility with Fedora 33.
  • Improved Lightway reliability.

2020 October 14
version 3.1.0

  • Improved Lightway reliability.
  • Reduced time it takes to start reconnecting to Lightway when waking up the device or when unable to reach VPN servers.

2020 September 24
version 3.0.2

  • Introducing Lightway (beta), ExpressVPN’s next-generation VPN protocol that delivers a faster, more secure, and more reliable VPN experience. In Terminal, run the following command to activate the Lightway protocol:expressvpn protocol lightway_udp
  • Fixed a security issue when calling external utilities.
  • Fixed a security issue when using temporary directories.

2020 August 21
version 2.6.3

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2020 August 5
version 2.6.0

  • Improved connectivity reliability.

2020 August 3
version 2.5.4

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2020 July 30
version 2.5.3

  • Security fix for a privilege escalation.

2020 July 9
version 2.5.2

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2020 May 19
version 2.5.0

  • Security fix for a NULL pointer dereference in update_network_info.
  • Security fix for Out-of-Bounds write in fetchWlanInfo.
  • Security fix for unauthenticated Events lead to DoS and Event Forging.
  • Security fix for OpenVPN Privilege Escalation via Config Race Condition.
  • Improved connectivity reliability.

2020 April 6
version 2.4.5

  • Fix some minor connectivity issues.
  • Fix an issue where the VPN may still be connected after disconnecting.
  • Fixed a privilege escalation vulnerability via malicious OpenVPN configuration.

2020 February 28
version 2.4.4

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2020 February 19
version 2.4.2

  • Improved compatibility with Ubuntu 19.10.
  • Improved connectivity in some countries.
  • Fixed a possible privilege escalation when reconnecting (discovered by Rich Mirch).

2019 December 11
version 2.3.4

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2019 December 6
version 2.3.3

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2019 October 28
version 2.3.2

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2019 October 25
version 2.3.1

  • Improved connectivity in some countries.

2019 September 26
version 2.3.0

  • Improved connection reliability.

2019 August 8
version 2.2.0

  • Fixed auto-connect on startup.
  • Improved activation & connection reliability in select countries.
  • Improved Smart Location.

2019 April 9
version 2.1.0

  • Reduced time to connect in some countries.
  • Improved error messages during activation.

2019 January 15
version 2.0.0

  • Improved connection reliability.
  • “expressvpn list” now only shows recommended locations.
  • “expressvpn list all” shows all locations.
  • If the app detects your device isn’t connected to the internet, it will notify you and wait for internet connectivity before trying to connect to the VPN.

2018 November 1
version 1.5.1

  • Improved connection reliability.
  • Fixed an issue on 32-bits systems.

2018 September 28
version 1.5.0

  • Updated to OpenVPN version 2.4.6.
  • Updated to OpenSSL version 1.0.2p.
  • Improved connection reliability.
  • Fixed a rare case of “not connected but cannot browse”.

2018 August 21
version 1.4.5

  • Fixed an issue that could cause excessive CPU usage.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting could take longer than expected.

2018 July 5
version 1.4.4

  • Improved connection reliability.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnection could take longer than expected.
  • Fixed a rare case of “not connected but cannot browse.”
  • Fixed a local escalation of privilege issue reported by Tomas Lažauninkas.
  • Bug fixes.

2018 May 24
version 1.4.3

  • Bug fixes.

2018 May 7
version 1.4.2

  • Improved DNS leak protection.
  • Improved compatibility with Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Fixed a bug where service may not restart automatically.
  • Bug fixes.

2018 February 21
version 1.4.1

  • Fixed a bug where time to connect could be longer than expected.
  • Bug fixes.

2018 January 24
version 1.4.0

  • Added Network Lock, built to protect your Internet privacy. Read more about Network Lock.
  • Added Desktop notifications.
  • Improved DNS leak protection.
  • Improved connection reliability.
  • Bug fixes.

2017 December 22
version 1.3.2

  • Improved message when running “expressvpn install-chrome-extension” or “expressvpn install-firefox-extension” when the browser is not installed
  • Improved browser extension extension support for Chromium
  • Improved reliability of auto connect feature
  • Improved error handling in activation process
  • Resolved an issue where routes may not always be restored correctly after disconnecting
  • Resolved an issue where browser extensions would not use protocol set manually

2017 November 24
version 1.3.1

  • Improved activation reliability in some countries.
  • Fixed: installation error on Fedora 26 after upgrading from 1.3.0 or previous version.
  • Fixed: unable to browse if computer was restarted while connected to VPN.
  • Fixed: incorrect status was shown when connection failed.
  • Fixed: browser extension was sometimes unable to detect the app.
  • Bug fixes.

2017 October 27
version 1.3.0

  • Improved compatibility with Ubuntu 17.04 and 17.10.
  • Improved DNS & IPv6 leak protection.
  • Added support for the ExpressVPN Chrome and Firefox extensions.
  • Improved connection reliability.
  • Bug fixes.

2017 February 16
version 1.2.0

  • Improved Smart Location.
  • Improved logic to connect to the VPN more reliably.
  • Fixed: installation error on Ubuntu 16.10.
  • Bug fixes.

2016 June 28
version 1.1.0

  • Introducing Smart Location, designed to deliver reliable speeds based on your location.
  • Fixed: installation error on CentOS 7 & Fedora 23.
  • Bug fixes.

2016 Apr 27
version 1.0.1

  • Bug fixes.

2016 Mar 11
version 1.0.0

  • Initial release.
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