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This tutorial will show you how to change your ExpressVPN password.

Please note that this process can only be done on the ExpressVPN website and not via the ExpressVPN app.

If you’ve forgotten your password, please see How to recover a lost or forgotten password.

Step 1 – Sign in to your ExpressVPN account

You need to sign in to your account before you can change your password.

Step 2 – Go to the Change Password screen

After signing in, click Change Password along the top navigation bar.

Select "Change Password" at the top of your account dashboard.

Step 3 – Change your password

On the Change Password screen:

  1. Enter your Current Password.
  2. Enter your New Password.
  3. Enter your New Password again.
  4. Click Change Password.

Enter and save your new ExpressVPN password.

Your password should be changed. Awesome!

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