Infographics: Easy-to-digest internet privacy and security data

Line graphs.

We’ve compiled our collection of infographics, covering topics like Bitcoin, encryption, and politics in graphical formats. Click on the images to see the full infographics!

Over the years, how many iPhones could you buy for 1 Bitcoin?

When the iPhone 4 hit the shops, it cost 1 Bitcoin. But Bitcoin’s value has increased, and you can get a lot more iPhones for 1 Bitcoin now.

A snippet from the Apple vs. Bitcoin infographic.

An open infographic to police: Stop worrying and learn to love encryption!

Smartphone encryption helps everyone, including criminals, and that’s okay. Skeptical? This infographic will show you why the police should stop worrying and learn to love encryption.

The dangers of free Wi-Fi: How public hotspots can harm you

The best things in life are free – and that should apply to Wi-Fi too. But did you know using free Wi-Fi exposes you to a range of threats?

A snippet from the dangers of free Wi-Fi infographic.

Batman vs. Superman infographic: Who has the best secret identity?

Bats vs. Supes: Explosions, blood, sweat, and tears. But ExpressVPN are only interested in one thing: which one does privacy better?

A snippet from the superhero secret identity infographic.

7 internet privacy tips every parent should tell their child!

ExpressVPN joins Stay Safe Online to spread awareness about National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Check out our safety tips and be @CyberAware!

A snippet from the =Cyber Security Month infographic.

Politicians and privacy: A report card for the 2016 election

A look at where Trump, Clinton, and the other 2016 presidential nominees stand on the NSA, mass surveillance, and your right to privacy. Who do you agree with?

The online land of the free definitely isn’t America. So who is it?

Which countries best protect their citizens online? ExpressVPN’s infographic looks at the winners of internet privacy.

Which countries have the best internet privacy laws?

The Panama Leak in numbers

Corruption, scandal, and intrigue: The epic scale of the data hacked in the Panama Leak.

Which countries have the best internet privacy laws?

The perpetually futile battle of Brazil vs. WhatsApp

What exactly is Brazil’s beef with WhatsApp and why do they keep banning it? Is it deserved? Or just a petty squabble with Facebook?

Brazil vs. WhatsApp

5 years later: How Edward Snowden changed the world

In 2013, Edward Snowden shocked the world by exposing large-scale NSA surveillance. ExpressVPN’s infographic looks at how the world has changed since.

A picture of Edward Snowden.

The future of smart cities: Utopian dream or dystopian nightmare?

The Internet of Things turned up to 11; smart cities can make lives easier, but also control our entire environment. Good or bad?

Smart Cities.

12 classic toys that subtly prepared us for a lifetime of digital paranoia

Years before Edward Snowden, Santa’s elves were already making child’s play out of spying and surveillance. How many of these classic toys do you remember?

A sad looking child at Christmas.


How does Santa know where to send your Christmas presents?

Everyone knows Santa is real. Which begs the question: How does he know where to send all those presents?

How does Santa know so much?

The rise of facial recognition in airports

The sweeping adoption of the technology is more than a little alarming—and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

A wonderful infographic, packed full of tasty airport surveillance tidbits.

How to find cheap airline tickets

Using a VPN you can get as much as $2,100 off your flight! Have a look at our travel infographic to find out cool hacks for cheaper airfare.

A snippet from the

Top 5: Best ways to use your VPN

Protection, Freedom, Privacy. How do you get the most from your VPN? Try the tips on this infographic to boost your internet privacy.

A snippet from the VPN infographic.


How Craig Wright definitely didn’t prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto

Did Craig Wright invent Bitcoin? Not according to the terrible web of lies and deceit he provided as evidence.

A snippet from the Craig Wright and Bitcoin infographic.

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