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Best Edward Snowden Tweets
4 mins

5 defiant, worrying, or outright bizarre Edward Snowden statements

Here are some of his strangest, strongest, and most influential things Snowden has said over the last few years.
worst cyber scams 2017
5 mins

5 most shocking cyber scams of 2017

The results are in and 2017 is already being called the worst year in terms of cyber scams. Where...
India and net neutrality
3 mins

3 things the U.S. could learn from India’s new net neutrality...

Update on June 2, 2022: In light of data retention regulations, ExpressVPN no longer has physical servers in India....
Brisbane and Perth ExpressVPN locations
1 min

ExpressVPN just added two new Australian VPN locations!

Exciting news for all you Aussies out there: ExpressVPN has added VPN locations in Brisbane and Perth. Combined with...
What is the USA Liberty Act?
3 mins

USA Liberty Act passes House Judiciary Committee despite privacy concerns

A terrifying new law that could change the scope of mass surveillance just passed another hurdle. On November 8th,...
The ExpressVPN scholarship winner
3 mins

Announcing the 2017 ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship Winner

NOTE: This post was originally published on October 18, 2017 In its second year, the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship...
A door on a wall of code.
3 mins

The evolution of encryption and why governments hate it

Long before governments started fighting to outlaw encryption, politicians from around the world were turning to secret codes to...
How to protect people's privacy online.
4 mins

That’s so blasé: A quick guide on how NOT to expose...

Whether it’s your old high school friend sharing your Facebook details to level up on Candy Crush or someone...
victims of privacy failures
3 mins

Here’s what happens when companies fail to put privacy first

You could easily call 2017 the year of the leaks. With so much sensitive and potentially incriminating evidence hitting...
How to keep your kids safe online.
4 mins

Internet safety guide: 5 ways to help your child stay safe...

You may not see it on the evening news, but the world of education technology is booming. In fact,...

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