Stream from 5 countries, all through one router

He watches the match in the UK, she gets her shows from the U.S., and the kids can play Xbox from Japan. Everyone wins!

Een gezin streamt een serie thuis

Why set up ExpressVPN on your router?

Stream on Apple TV and game consoles with ExpressVPN for routers.

1. Stream on any device

Some streaming devices like Apple TV don’t let you download VPN apps. With ExpressVPN on your router, you can get all the benefits of a VPN on any device connected to your Wi-Fi, including streaming devices, smart TVs, game consoles, and even smart-home appliances.

Not only is your connection protected by strong security, but you’ll also have access to servers in 94 countries. Plus, your ISP won't be able to tell that you’re streaming, which means it won’t conduct content-based throttling. Getting ExpressVPN on your router is the smartest thing you can do for your smart devices—there are no downsides.

Group your devices with ExpressVPN on your router.

2. Different locations for different devices

Group the devices on your router and connect them to up to five different VPN server locations around the world. Watch a movie from the U.S. while your partner streams a football game from Europe. Switching locations is as simple as tap, drag, and drop.

VPN router with an old or existing router

3. Keep your old router

Got a router that isn’t compatible with ExpressVPN? Keep it. Simply install ExpressVPN on a new, compatible router and use it as an add-on to your existing setup.

People using mobile devices

4. Control all your devices with ease

No more fiddling with apps on each of your devices. Getting ExpressVPN on your router lets you control all your connected devices under one easy-to-use dashboard.

Various devices showing Netflix and router dashboard screens

Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, the BBC, and other sites with a VPN

Use ExpressVPN on your router to stream and download all the content you want—on any device and with unlimited bandwidth. Access servers in 94 countries to watch your favorite shows and movies securely. Bypass content-based throttling and government censorship.

ExpressVPN is compatible with:

Drie verschillende routers.

Ready to get ExpressVPN on your router?

View compatible routers below and use the guides to get set up—we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Men houdt van ExpressVPN voor routers

ExpressVPN gebruikers aanbevelingen.

Het spreekt gewoon voor zich. Vergeleken met firmware van derden zoals DD-WRT is het eenvoudig in te stellen, zelfs voor amateurs.

ExpressVPN gebruikers aanbevelingen.

Ik kreeg het vooringesteld. Het was instellen en aan de slag. De interface is extreem simpel vergeleken met het handmatig instellen van een router. Ik hielp een buur met het instellen van een VPN van een andere aanbieder, erg ingewikkeld en zonder succes.

ExpressVPN gebruikers aanbevelingen.

Een erg eenvoudige router interface en een gigantisch voordeel vind ik dat het zijn eigen firmware heeft zonder andere ingewikkelde instellingen. Daarom gebruik ik jullie product, die voor mij geen concurrentie heeft.

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