ExpressVPN Scholarship 2018 Winning Essay

Savannah Sorenson

Empire High School, Tucson, Arizona

2018 ExpressVPN Scholarship winner

If you had the combined powers of all the world’s leaders, what would be your 10-year plan to ensure the next generation has the right to privacy?

All of the world’s leaders from a total of 195 countries arrived today in London, England, to sign what has now become known as the Carson treaty. For years countries have battled against threats to cybersecurity. Government servers are regularly hacked by malicious individuals seeking personal gain. Since the 1990s, humanity has been forced to wonder if their data was being stored on a secure, encrypted server. Citizens from around the world have been calling on their representatives for years, and today those calls are being answered. Every country in the world has agreed to uphold and fund a 10-year plan for increased cybersecurity.

The plan involves using artificial intelligence (AI) that was first developed nearly a decade ago. AI technology can attack data breaches and other cybersecurity threats at exponential rates that can’t be matched by humans. Beginning next month, individuals, companies, and governments will have their own cybersecurity assistant to protect them on all digital platforms.

The project, nicknamed Carson, will receive cybersecurity knowledge from around the world and will monitor and search for patterns of fraudulent behavior in programs. Carson will look for data breaches and offer solutions to those it is unable to solve on its own. Carson is currently being developed by the most prestigious engineers in the world. Carson will use an extremely strong 256-bit AES encryption. Hungarian representative Pista Magner said that “we will not take risks with Carson’s own security.” Developers applying to work on Carson will also need to have substantial background checks. Eventually, however, Carson will learn to protect itself.

The Carson will be free to download, as this momentous day celebrates the coming together as a global and digital world. Both the rich and the poor deserve the data protection this program will offer. More users will also result in a wider range of resources to search for data breach trends, thus improving Carson’s overall function. With the acceptance of this 10-year plan, the entire Earth has come together to defeat a common enemy. By signing the agreement to be a part of Project Carson, every country in the world has declared war on cybersecurity threats.

Hackers, phishers, and malware designers beware!

Published Mar 8, 2045