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Bluey Season 3 is now available to stream worldwide on ABC iview, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and more local TV streaming platforms. But which episodes you’ll be able to stream depends on where you are in the world and which platform you use. Here’s a everything you need to know about streaming Bluey online:

What is Bluey about?

Bluey is an immensely popular Australian children’s animated television series that has captured the hearts of kids and adults around the world. Set in the suburbs of Brisbane, the show revolves around the daily adventures of a lovable 6-year-old blue heeler puppy named Bluey, her 4-year-old sister Bingo, and their parents, Bandit and Chilli.

The show has gained widespread acclaim for its disarming humor, high-quality animation, and emphasis on imaginative play. But the real magic of Bluey is how it delivers realistic life lessons to kids and parents in equal measure, a feat often advertised but rarely achieved in the world of children’s TV.

When does Bluey Season 3 come out?

Season 3 of Bluey began airing in 2021 and has three parts:

  • Season 3A: Episodes 1-26 began airing on September 5th, 2021
  • Season 3B: Episodes 27-37 began airing on June 13th, 2022
  • Season 3C: Episodes 38-47 began airing on April 9th, 2023

How to watch Bluey online

Bluey Seasons 1, 2, and 3A are available to stream on Disney+ in the U.S., UK, and around the world. TVNZ+ currently has Season 3B, but only ABC iview has the complete collection all the way up to Season 3C, and what’s more, it’s completely free to watch!

Read on to find out all the most popular ways to watch Bluey online:

Watch Bluey for free on ABC iview (Australia)

Bluey’s definitive streaming home is on ABC iview, which makes sense because ABC Kids is the part-time channel where Bluey airs in Australia. This is also where you can find all currently available episodes. To watch any episode of Bluey for free:

  1. Log in to a secure Australian VPN server.
  2. Visit the Bluey page on the ABC iview website.
  3. Log in with your ABC account, or sign up if you don’t have one already (accounts are free to create).
  4. Choose your episode from Season 1, 2, or 3 and start streaming!

Watch Bluey for free on TVNZ+ (New Zealand)

TVNZ, a free-to-air TV channel in New Zealand, also has Bluey available on its streaming platform TVNZ+. Currently, only Seasons, 1, 2, 3A and 3B; Season 3C is not yet available. Here’s how to stream Bluey on TVNZ+.

  1. Log in to a secure New Zealand VPN server.
  2. Visit the Bluey page on the TVNZ+ website.
  3. Log in with your TVNZ account, or sign up if you don’t have one already (accounts are free to create).
  4. Choose your episode from Season 1, 2, 3A, or 3B and start streaming!

How to watch Bluey on Disney+ (U.S., UK, Canada and more)

If you’re already a subscriber, Disney+ is the most convenient way to watch Bluey from the U.S., Canada, UK, and most other countries. The only catch is that only Season 1, Season 2, Season 3A, and Season 3B are available to stream there; Season 3C is not yet available. Here’s how to watch Bluey on Disney+:

  1. Visit the Disney+ app or website on your device.
  2. Log in or become a subscriber, if you’re not already.
  3. Search “Bluey” in the search bar, choose your episode, and start streaming!

In addition to Bluey Season 3C, Disney+ is also missing certain individual episodes. Learn more about the “banned” episodes of Bluey.

Watch Bluey for free on BBC iPlayer (UK)

If you don’t have Disney+, Bluey is also available to stream for free in the UK with BBC iPlayer. You’ll only have access to Seasons 1 and 2, but that’s still plenty of Bluey to get you started. Here’s how to stream :

  1. Log in to a secure UK VPN server.
  2. Visit the BBC iPlayer website.
  3. Log in with your BBC account, or sign up if you don’t have one already (accounts are free to create with a UK postcode).
  4. Search for “Bluey,” choose your episode from Season 1 or 2, and start streaming!

UK viewers can also catch episodes of Bluey on Sky Go, although you’ll also be limited to the first two seasons.

Watch Bluey Bonus Bits for free on YouTube

In addition to occasional live-streamed full episodes, Bluey’s official YouTube channel also posts “Bluey Bonus Bits,” short-form videos that aren’t part of the official Bluey “canon.” These videos are usually 1-2 minutes long and feature slice-of-life moments instead of stories, like Bingo singing a song about peas and sausages while coloring at the kitchen table.

Visit Bluey’s official YouTube channel to watch all Bluey Bonus Bits for free.

“Banned” episodes of Bluey

The following episodes of Bluey do not appear on Disney+ in the U.S.:

Season 1 Episode 48: “Teasing”
Season 2 Episode 13: “Dad Baby”

To see these “banned” episodes, you’ll need to stream them on ABC iview in Australia.

Why did Disney+ ban these episodes?

S1E48 “Teasing” originally included a word that some viewers complained could be considered insulting to indigenous people. Although this word was replaced and redubbed in the Australian version, neither version of the episode ever made it to Disney+.

S2E13 “Dad Baby” features Bluey’s dad, Bandit, pretending to be pregnant with her sister, Bingo. Although we don’t know exactly why Disney censors rejected the entire episode, they probably found the sequence where Bandit “gives birth” a little “too real” for American audiences.

Can I use a VPN to watch ‘Bluey’ in another country?

While you can watch Bluey by connecting to a VPN server location in a country other than your own, doing so may infringe upon your streaming service’s and ExpressVPN’s terms of use. ExpressVPN is a security and privacy tool, not intended to be used for copyright circumvention. By design, we cannot see or control what you do when connected to our VPN service, so we must insist that you respect the entertainment industry and always honor the terms of use.

Are there other “censored” parts of Bluey?

Yes, some episodes were altered by Disney to cater to American cultural sensibilities. For example:

In the original version of S3E1 “Perfect,” Bandit is talking to another dad at a party and, although it isn’t mentioned explicitly, he is pretty clearly considering getting a vasectomy (“Chilli, she wants to keep her options open. But I don’t know. Do we want any more of these things running around?”). In the edited version on Disney+, the conversation is changed to be about having teeth pulled (“I probably should get it done. But I love my dog teeth. I dunno, what if one day I just wanna bite someone?”).

In S3E24 “Faceytalk,” Bluey’s cousin Muffin bursts into the bathroom while being chased by Uncle Stripe. In the original version, Aunt Trixie is clearly visible on the toilet. In the edited version, this is mostly cropped from the shot.

To see these (and more) uncensored Bluey moments, you’ll need to watch the original Australian episodes on ABC iview.

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