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Starting with Version 12.73.0 of our Windows app, the split-tunneling feature has been temporarily removed while we address an issue that may have left some users‘ DNS requests unprotected. The issue is believed to have affected less than 1% of Windows users.

The split-tunneling feature will return in future releases, when the issue has been fixed.

What exactly was the issue?

Versions 12.23.1–12.72.0 of our Windows app, published between May 19, 2022, and Feb. 7, 2024, had a bug that allowed some users’ DNS requests to go unprotected when split tunneling was activated. In these instances, the apps that were supposed to use the VPN might, under some circumstances, send DNS requests to third-party DNS servers instead of our servers.

In our testing, we were only able to replicate this effect with one of the two split-tunneling modes, “Only allow selected apps to use the VPN.” We could not reproduce it when split tunneling was not activated or when the other split-tunneling mode, “Do not allow selected apps to use the VPN,” was chosen. All other aspects of VPN protection (e.g., encryption) were not impacted.

What does it mean for DNS requests to go unprotected?

When a user’s DNS requests are not sent to our servers and instead go to a third party, that normally means the user’s ISP, unless the user has previously designated otherwise. The ISP is able to determine the web domains visited by that user (e.g.,, but not any individual webpages, searches, or other online behavior. All contents of the user’s traffic remain encrypted by the VPN and unviewable by the ISP or any other third party. 

Is there anything I need to do?

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest Version 12 app, if your app has not already automatically updated. Users of Version 10 do not need to take any action.

I had split tunneling turned on before, could it still be working in the background?

If you have the new version of the Windows app you will not see the option to enable it. If split tunneling was enabled previously, it has been turned off and will no longer be active.

When will split tunneling come back?

Rest assured, our Windows team is working hard to restore split tunneling to Version 12, as soon as we are sure the issue has been resolved.

I really need split tunneling now. What can I do?

If you have an urgent need for split tunneling, the feature is still available in Version 10 of our Windows app, where it is functioning normally. To downgrade to Version 10, visit our latest app versions page and select Download Older Version.

We hope to restore the feature to our Version 12 app soon.

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