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The ExpressVPN Speed Test gives you a measure of which VPN server locations should be fastest for your particular situation.

Here are some important details about the Speed Test:

  • The Speed Test measures download speed and latency. First, the app pings each VPN server IP address to test latency. Then, small file downloads (of 300 kb) are used to measure download speed between your device and each VPN server location.
  • The speed index is a relative score for each location, combining latency and download speed. The locations that show the highest speed index are likely to be the fastest for you.
  • The results offer a strong indication of which locations should be faster for your particular situation, allowing you to confidently pick the best ones. But because of the small file size, and because the test is conducted while you are not connected to the VPN, none of the numbers directly represent your actual maximum speed when connected (which may in fact be much higher).
  • The Speed Test feature is occasionally not available for certain VPN server locations.

For the best experience, connect to a location that has:

  • the highest speed index,
  • the lowest latency, or
  • the highest download speed.

To run the Speed Test, you must be disconnected from the VPN.

See instructions on running:

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