ExpressVPN Android app: Latest updates and software upgrades (6.0)

android 6.0 app in action

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2017 @ 4:42 am

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ExpressVPN is excited to announce the release of ExpressVPN 6.0 for Android.

A bunch of new features and options have been added this time around. Is it a stretch to say this is the best Android VPN app on the market today? ExpressVPN doesn’t think so.

Take a look at what’s new under the hood.

New features in Android 6.0

Completely new design

android tap to connectFirst thing’s first. The beautiful new layout lets you browse securely and privately with one tap. Just tap the ON button to automatically connect to any one of ExpressVPN’s 130+ VPN locations worldwide.

Smarter connection options

android 6.0 location pickerSave time and browse faster with the new Smart Location feature. Smart Location automatically chooses the most reliable VPN connections for you. That way you can stream without having to worry about less-than-stellar speeds.

Better connection reliability

android-phone-connectingThe app’s new connection settings help make sure you’re constantly connected. And, as always, different VPN protocol settings let you customize your Android app the way you want it.

Download ExpressVPN 6.0 for Android today!

Now you know what’s new, head over to Google Play and download or upgrade your Android app today.

Once you’ve had a chance to get used to the new layout, let ExpressVPN know what you think! Your feedback is appreciated, so leave your questions, comments, and concerns in the comments section below.

And one more thing! If you’re unable to access the Google Play Store or are having trouble downloading the app, your friendly neighborhood superhero Support team is available around the clock to help answer all your VPN-related questions.

Previous Android app updates

ExpressVPN 5.0 for Android

Calling All Android Users! ExpressVPN 5.0 for Android Is Now Available

ExpressVPN for Android has always been great, but now it’s even better!

We’re excited to announce the release of ExpressVPN 5.0 for Android! The newest update includes a whole bunch of great new features. Best of all, we’ve made the app even easier to use.

Take a look at the new changes below and then head over to the Google Play store to download or upgrade your app today!

New Features in Android 5.0

Connect to Your Favorite Locations Easier

The simplified menu setup makes it even easier to browse, find, and connect to your favorite VPN server locations.

Have a look!


Enjoy Even Better Security Settings

ExpressVPN 5.0 for Android now offers a simple on/off switch to automatically reconnect to your last location every time your phone is booted up.


Browse freely knowing your information is secure!

Take Advantage of the New In-App Menu

The newly improved hamburger layout makes it easier to access your account settings, change your VPN protocols, and reach out to Support.


Yup, it’s that awesome.

Download ExpressVPN 5.0 for Android Today!

Now that you know what’s new, download the app from Google Play and give it a try today.

After you’ve had some time to get acquainted with it, let us know what you think in the comments below. We’re committed to bringing you the best possible apps, so hit us with your questions, comments, and/or concerns below!

And remember, if you’re having trouble accessing Google Play or downloading the app, our Support team is available around the clock to help answer your questions.

Thanks and happy VPNing!

ExpressVPN 4.7 for Android

Attention Android Users: ExpressVPN 4.7 for Android Is Now Available!

Good news, everyone!

We’re excited to announce the release of ExpressVPN 4.7 for Android. We’ve ironed out a few kinks, added a few new features, and made it even easier to find, browse, and connect to any one of our 100+ locations around the world.

One of the biggest changes you’ll immediately notice is the new layout. We specifically designed this app with accessibility in mind, making it even easier for you to find and connect to the server location of your choice.

Download the app from Google Play!

What’s New in Android 4.7?

  • Smarter connections: We’ve made it easier for you to find the best servers. When you connect to the country of your choice, you’ll be automatically connected to the best and fastest server in that area.
  • Improved sorting algorithm: We’ve updated the layout so that the best servers are now listed on top.
  • Better search functionality: You can now quickly connect to any location by searching for a specific country or city.
  • Updated design: The revamped layout combines elements of Google’s Material Design and includes our sleek new logo.
  • Favorite option: Our brand-new “Favorite” feature lets you personalize your app by bookmarking your preferred servers for easy access.

Have a look at how the Favorite feature works below:

expressvpn android app v4.7 picture 2

Download ExpressVPN 4.7 for Android Today!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Google Play and download the app today.

After you’ve taken it for a spin, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you. Share your comments, questions, and concerns below.


  1. I’m new to this whole VPN thing. I just signed on my 1st time yesterday after getting my 5th Final warning. I figured it’s either that or stop sharing on P2P sites. That was pretty much a no brainer lol. So far it seems pretty simple, so baring any unforeseen confusion or another Final Warning I’ll change my subscription from monthly and take advantage of the savings by going with a 6 Mo or a Yr plan.