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How to unblock IPTV with a VPN

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How to sign up for ExpressVPN

Sign up for ExpressVPN, with its blazing-fast speeds.

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Connect to a VPN server location where your IPTV is offered.

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Watch IPTV privately, free from content-based throttling.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television, but it means any television that is delivered via an internet connection, instead of by traditional means (via antenna, cable, or satellite).

Internet-only “cord-cutting” services like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, or fuboTV are among the most popular forms of IPTV, offering live streaming of popular broadcast and pay-TV channels, including local network affiliates. But there are countless smaller providers as well.

These days, most major cable and satellite providers, such as AT&T TV, also include IPTV services as part of a standard subscription, so you can stream channels live even when you’re away from home.

* ExpressVPN is optimized to work with IPTV so you can enjoy online privacy and security all the time, without the VPN interfering. It should not be used as a means of copyright circumvention. We cannot see or control what you do while connected to our service, so you are responsible for complying with our Terms of Service, your content provider’s terms, and any applicable laws.

Do I need a VPN with IPTV?

ExpressVPN lets you watch IPTV securely and privately, which means your internet service provider cannot block services or reduce your connection speeds based on content (a practice known as throttling). All of your internet traffic, including your IPTV streams, passes through an encrypted VPN tunnel, and no one—not your ISP, not hackers, not government censors, not even ExpressVPN—can see into that tunnel. That means no one can see which websites you’re visiting or which services you’re using.

If you’re traveling and your IPTV service isn’t available in the country you’re visiting, selecting a VPN server location where your IPTV service is offered can also allow you to access your IPTV streams as if you were comfortably back in your living room.

FAQ: Watching IPTV with a VPN

Servers all around the world

ExpressVPN users can connect to server locations in 105 countries and counting. Access any of these VPN server locations from anywhere else in the world, including:

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