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Here at ExpressVPN, we know that our users count on us to protect their digital lives every day. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly—which is why we have made the decision to start publishing a biannual transparency report on our Trust Center

These reports will share information on any user data requests our legal department has received over the preceding six months. While we regularly receive such requests, our no-logs policy ensures that we never have anything to share. We do not and never will keep logs of your online activities or personal information, including your browsing history, traffic destination or metadata, DNS queries, or any IP addresses you are assigned when you connect to our VPN. 

We can never provide this customer data because it simply does not exist. Our no-logs policy and practices have been extensively vetted by third-party experts, including PwC, Cure53, KPMG, and others

By publishing this additional information on the requests that we receive, we aim to provide even more transparency into how we protect our users, day in and day out. 

You can find our first report, covering the second half of 2023 (July 2023 to December 2023), here.

Our commitment to trust and transparency

We see this new report as a natural extension of our other industry-leading efforts to build trust and bring transparency to our users, including our commitment to third-party independent audits, launching the VPN Trust Initiative, our bug bounty program, and publicly detailing our security practices

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