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When you install the ExpressVPN app for Android, certain permissions are required in order for the app to work as designed. This guide will show you what those permissions are and what they are used for.

Before proceeding, please note that:

  • ExpressVPN for Android makes use of as few permissions as possible to provide a reliable VPN service.
  • Permissions marked as “Permission prompt is shown” are not required in order to use the app. However, you will need to enable them to use certain features, such as auto-connect and two-factor authentication for ExpressVPN Keys.
  • ExpressVPN does not monitor or collect any data of your online activity or connections. To learn more about our commitment to your privacy, see the ExpressVPN Privacy Policy.

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Permissions used by all versions of the app
Permissions only used by the Beta app

Permissions used by all versions of the app

VPNFull network accessAccess the internet. The app could not function without this permission.
VPNRun foreground serviceEnable the VPN process to run reliably.
VPNView network connectionsAllow the app to access info about networks (eg. to check if the device is connected to a network).
Auto-connect on startup Run at startupEnable the app to auto-connect upon launch.
Google PlayGoogle Play Billing serviceEnable in-app purchases via Google Play Store.
Security AssistantPair with Bluetooth devicesCheck if the device is running Bluetooth. The Security Assistant feature nudges users to turn off Bluetooth when they are not using it in order to prevent Bluetooth tracking and data risks. 
NotificationsPermission prompt is shown
Send notifications (Android 13 and above)
Allow the app to send you notifications (e.g. VPN connection status, subscription expiry reminders, warn you about passwords that are exposed)
ExpressVPN Keys password managerPermission prompt is shown
Biometrics (Android 10 and above)
Sign into Keys using biometric data (fingerprint, face, etc.)
ExpressVPN Keys password managerPermission prompt is shown
Access the camera on your device to set up two-factor authentication in ExpressVPN Keys.
Auto-connect on untrusted networksPermission prompt is shown
– Gain your precise location (GPS and network-based) while using auto-connect on untrusted networks.
– Access your location in the background while using auto-connect on untrusted networks.
Auto-connect on untrusted networksWi-Fi connection informationView Wi-Fi connections when auto-connecting on untrusted Wi-Fi networks.

Permissions only used by the Beta app

InstabugPrevent device from sleepingAllow Instabug to run reliably in the background.
InstabugPermission prompt is shown
– Photos/Media/Files
– Storage
– Read the contents of your USB storage. Instabug attaches diagnostic info it has stored when an issue is reported.
– Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. Instabug stores some diagnostic info on your device (eg. screenshots).
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