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4 things to know before using a Netflix proxy

Of all the ways to watch Netflix*, using a proxy server is one of the slowest, least secure, least reliable, and least convenient options.

Proxies don’t protect your privacy, and they don’t offer dedicated support. Most users prefer using a VPN to watch Netflix.

Computer monitor showing Netflix with proxy label.
A driver on a congested highway, cursing while surrounded by "Proxy" trucks.

Proxy: A slower way to watch Netflix

Random proxy servers you might find on the internet are often burdened by high server usage, which causes your traffic to move too slowly for streaming video on Netflix.

A premium VPN like ExpressVPN runs on a constantly optimized network, giving you blazing speeds perfect for Netflix or other streaming video content.

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Proxy: A less secure way to watch Netflix

Although they do hide your IP address, proxy servers offer little to no security benefits, and they often spam your connection with targeted ads. When a product is free, YOU are the product!

A solid VPN like ExpressVPN secures all of your internet traffic with 256-bit encryption, doesn’t keep activity or connection logs, and prevents third parties from intercepting your data.

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Proxy: A less reliable way to watch Netflix

Because most proxy servers aren’t well maintained, they’re prone to interrupted connections. When that happens, you’ll be on your own.

ExpressVPN offers dedicated, 24/7 support. Connection issues are rare, but when they happen, you can speak to a real person in minutes.

A globe showing only two proxy servers, far apart.

Proxy: A less convenient way to watch Netflix

Most proxies only offer one or two server locations, which means there’s probably not one close to you.

ExpressVPN has 160 server locations in 94 countries and counting, making it easy and fast to connect no matter where you are.

What’s the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

A proxy server is just someone else’s computer between you and the rest of the internet. Other sites see this computer’s IP address instead of yours.

“Free” proxies are extremely dangerous because they force you to surrender control of your internet traffic to someone who probably has an ulterior motive for providing this “service.” A test of over 20,000 proxy services found nearly all of them to inject some form of malware.

ExpressVPN creates a secure tunnel between you and the rest of the internet. This also hides your IP address, but with the added benefits of best-in-class encryption, no activity or connection logs, native apps for all your devices, and a commitment to protect your privacy.

Read more about the dangers of free proxy servers.

The ways of watching Netflix: VPN vs. proxy vs. DNS codes

How does a VPN compare to proxies or DNS codes?


  • Has reliable service

  • Won’t hijack traffic

  • Hides your IP address

  • Encrypts your traffic

  • Easy to change locations


  • Hides your IP address

DNS codes

  • None of the above

* ExpressVPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the ExpressVPN Terms of Service and Netflix Terms of Use for more details.


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