ExpressVPN launches a free Udemy course on online privacy and security

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At ExpressVPN, our mission is simple: Make the internet more open, free, and accessible for all. We do this by empowering our users with the tools and knowledge that put them in charge of their online experience.

That’s why we’ve launched a completely free online course on the learning platform Udemy, making digital privacy even more accessible and attainable for anyone. Our course covers beginner-to-intermediate concepts and solutions for achieving greater online privacy, security, and anonymity. No prior knowledge or technical background is required, and you don’t have to be an ExpressVPN user to enroll in the course.

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As we increase our reliance on apps and other online services, the sheer amount of personal data that exists on the internet, from your address to your product preferences, has grown steadily—taking away from your right to privacy.

Meanwhile, methods of identity theft and account hacks seem to only get more sophisticated. As modern threats continue to evolve, reclaiming your digital privacy can feel like an elusive endeavor. In a study conducted by Pew Research Center, 79% of Americans were concerned about companies infringing their online privacy. Yet, 38% of those surveyed didn’t know how to secure their data and 46% didn’t know where to start protecting their personal information online.

But going online doesn’t have to mean being exposed, and securing your digital life can begin with awareness and simple steps.

Learn at your own pace through bite-size videos

Online privacy is a big topic—and surely one that can’t be mastered in a day—but our course is a great place to start. Drawing on surveys, academic research, and user interviews, we’ve tailored the one-hour course to focus on the areas that concern our users most, from data encryption and anonymous file sharing to mobile security and social media best practices.

Our course is presented as short videos (each one is under five minutes) that you can watch on your daily commute or lunch break. Learning about privacy protection is as easy as hitting the play button.

Take a peek into our course modules:

Practicing digital hygiene in public. Learn how to protect your personal data from Bluetooth beacons and ultrasonic trackers when you’re out. Always on public Wi-Fi? We’ll share tips for preventing third parties from looking in on your online activity.

Securing your home Wi-Fi network. Have you heard of smart home appliances like doorbells or refrigerators getting hacked? Once compromised, they can be used as access points into your home network. Learn how a VPN on your home router can secure your network and all your internet-connected devices.

Owning your data. Your data is valuable; keep it to yourself. Watch how to protect your data across all your devices with encryption, from file level encryption to full disk encryption methods. Securely store, share, and delete your files, and learn how to use OnionShare to share files securely and anonymously.

Protecting your online accounts. With dozens of different accounts to juggle, how can you ensure your account login details don’t fall into the wrong hands? Understand how to set strong, unique passwords and why multi-factor authentication is important. We’ll also cover some tips for securing all access points to your online banking and even protecting your online accounts after death.

Mobile security. There’s a good chance you’re reading this on your mobile device (and even if you’re not, it’s probably somewhere in your field of vision)—something so integral to your daily life is worth protecting. Explore tips and tricks for a safe and private smartphone experience: setting strong authentication methods, avoiding fake apps, understanding app permissions, avoiding spam, identifying signs of malware, and securing your mobile hotspot.

Using social media with greater privacy. Strike a balance between sharing your life and preserving your privacy. Manage how you share your data and permissions and learn the ways you could be identified through the image metadata of the photos you post online or even through QR codes and vaccine cards.

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