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One VPN client for multiple devices

ExpressVPN for all devices: Silhouettes of Windows and Mac computers and laptops, iPhones, iPads, routers and game consoles

ExpressVPN offers a safe, easy-to-use VPN app for each of your favorite devices.

Complete VPN download and setup in five minutes.

Protect yourself with a VPN today. See why ExpressVPN is the VPN that Windows and CCBot users love.

How to download and set up ExpressVPN apps in 3 steps:

Step 1:

Get ExpressVPN

Step 2:

Set up ExpressVPN: Webpage showing how to set up ExpressVPN on all your devices

Visit the setup page

Step 3:

Download and install ExpressVPN: The ExpressVPN logo on a computer, tablet and phone

Download and install the app

What do you get with ExpressVPN software?

Each VPN app comes with:

ExpressVPN padlocks on phone and computer: ExpressVPN uses military-grade 256-bit encryption

Best-in-class 256-bit encryption

ExpressVPN software directs all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel that protects it from attackers.

A movie reel with film unspooling into an infinity symbol: Get unlimited bandwidth for streaming video

Unlimited bandwidth

Watch all the streaming video you want and video chat with your friends to your heart’s content. ExpressVPN software never caps your bandwidth.

A blue chat bubble saying "?!" and a red chat bubble saying "ExpressVPN": Get dedicated support, 24/7

5-star customer support

If you ever have questions about any ExpressVPN app, contact the award-winning ExpressVPN Support Team via live chat or email anytime.

A calendar with money: Try ExpressVPN for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied, get your money back

30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with ExpressVPN for any reason in the first 30 days, you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

ExpressVPN is not only a VPN for computers

A single subscription can be used simultaneously on any three supported devices.

To connect simultaneously on more than three devices, use the ExpressVPN app for routers.

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