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Tired of missing your favorite sports games because you can’t make it to a TV? DAZN is the world’s first streaming network dedicated to live sports, and you can enjoy it with unlimited bandwidth and unrivaled privacy with ExpressVPN.

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Choose a VPN server location and access DAZN privately, securely, and without throttling

How to use a VPN for DAZN

Connect to a secure VPN server location and enjoy DAZN

ExpressVPN has secure servers all over the world. Every VPN connection is protected with industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption and optimized for speed, so you can watch live sports on DAZN* without compromising your privacy or security. What’s more, you’re always backed up by the ExpressVPN Support Team, available via live chat 24/7.

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Does a VPN let me watch DAZN for free?

No. You’ll still need to sign up for a DAZN account with a billing address that matches the country of your IP address. ExpressVPN is a VPN service that complements your DAZN subscription to let you watch sports privately and avoid throttling.

Can I watch DAZN on Windows and Mac?

Voit katsella DAZN: ää kyttämällä ExpressVPN-sovelluksiar Windows, Mac, Android, iOS ja Linux. Voit myös saada ExpressVPN’s app for routers käyttääksesi DAZN:aa missä tahansa Wi-Fi-yhteensopivassa laitteessa.

Will a VPN slow down my DAZN connection?

Any VPN has the potential to slow down a connection, but the ExpressVPN network is constantly optimized for speed, so you probably won’t notice a difference. In some cases using a VPN may even speed up your connection, especially if your internet service provider throttles certain kinds of content, such as streaming video.

What else can I watch with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a multi-purpose security tool that enhances a wide array of popular web services. You can also use it to save money on airfare, protect yourself on free public Wi-Fi, and stay anonymous on the internet.

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ExpressVPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the ExpressVPN Terms of Service and DAZN Terms of Use for more details.

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