How to get the best Hulu VPN

Watching Hulu with a VPN is the best way to enhance your streaming experience.

ExpressVPN is the fastest, easiest VPN for streaming TV episodes, movies, and Hulu originals, completely throttle-free.

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How to watch Hulu with a VPN in 3 steps

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Get ExpressVPN button in flames on a computer screen.

Get ExpressVPN, the best VPN for streaming TV and movies.

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Connect to a secure VPN server location in the U.S.

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Watch Hulu on a TV.

Watch Hulu privately, securely, and with no throttling.

With ExpressVPN, you can watch Hulu live and on demand, in blazing-fast HD

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FAQ: How to watch Hulu with a VPN

Does a VPN let me watch Hulu for free?

No. You’ll need to sign up for a Hulu subscription, or start a free trial of Hulu if you haven’t already.

ExpressVPN will complement your Hulu subscription to allow you to watch all the content you want, free from ISP throttling.

On what devices can I watch Hulu with a VPN?

ExpressVPN has award-winning apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers, and Linux, so you can watch Hulu easily from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You can also use ExpressVPN on streaming media consoles like Fire TV Stick, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices with ExpressVPN for your wireless router.

Will using Hulu and VPN slow my connection?

All VPN services add a layer of encryption that has the potential to slow down your connection. ExpressVPN, however, has an extremely fast, constantly optimized network, so you probably won’t notice a difference.

If your ISP has been known to throttle streaming services, using a VPN to watch Hulu may actually speed up your connection.

What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN also works with a range of streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, and many more. It’s also the fastest, easiest way to browse the internet privately and securely.

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ExpressVPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the ExpressVPN Terms of Service and Hulu Terms of Use for more details.

Why use ExpressVPN for live streaming?

A range of devices with the ExpressVPN logo.

Use any device

With VPN apps for all your devices, you can stream Hulu TV shows and movies from your couch, bed, or bus seat.

The movie Speed streaming on a media player with the ExpressVPN logo.

Fast connection

Get fast download speeds and low latency. Run the built-in speed test and see for yourself.

A reel of film unspooling into an infinity symbol.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can binge on your favorite Hulu originals till the cows come home. We won’t stop you.

An individual watching television with a globe representing access from anywhere.

Watch other content

You can use ExpressVPN to access websites censored by some countries, like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Dedicated support

The ExpressVPN Support Team is world-class. Our live chat and email support is available 24/7.

A monthly calendar with cash representing ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied watching Hulu with ExpressVPN, get a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

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