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Important: ExpressVPN Keys is being gradually rolled out on Windows, Mac, and Linux via a Chrome browser extension (compatible with Chrome, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi, and Brave), and in the ExpressVPN app for iOS and Android.

With ExpressVPN Keys, you can:

  • Keep your logins secure with zero-knowledge encryption, which ensures only you have access to your passwords.
  • Create unique, hard-to-crack passwords with a click or tap.
  • Save time signing in to websites and apps with autofill.
  • Access all your logins across your devices.
  • Generate one-time passwords for sites and services with two-factor authentication
  • Use it for added protection and security—it is included in most ExpressVPN subscription plans.

ExpressVPN Keys (ExpressVPN’s password manager) was built according to industry best practices for secure apps and cloud infrastructure, including conducting extensive threat models and security assessments. It has also been independently audited by cybersecurity experts (like Cure53) to ensure it delivers the highest standards in protecting your personal data.

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