How to watch Survivor online

Where to watch Survivor 43 Where to watch Survivor 43

Survivor Season 43 just finished airing, and it’s been another exciting season… with a surprising winner. In case you missed the past season or just want to get started on the series, we’ve got all the ways to watch Survivor below.

What is Survivor about?

Survivor is a competitive, elimination-style reality TV show where a group of contestants is stranded in an isolated location and have to live off the land. Besides trying to survive, contestants will also compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from being eliminated during the “Tribal Council”—an event where tribe members will be voted out. The last remaining contestant will be crowned the “Sole Survivor,” taking home a million-dollar cash prize.

'Survivor 43' First Look Trailer | New Season This Fall

The U.S. version of the series, which started all the way back in 2000, is dubbed “one of the greatest TV shows of all time” and won several Emmys, including “Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program” for its long-standing host, Jeff Probst

2022 saw the 43rd Survivor season, while Survivor 44 comes out in 2023.

Survivor contestants

What is the Survivor 44 release date?

Now that the 2022 Survivor has wrapped up, Survivor Season 44 will premiere March 1, 2023 with a two-hour-long episode. That's less than half a year after Survivor 43, which debuted September 21, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET. The season finale aired twelve weeks later on December 14.

How to watch Survivor 43 online

The latest season of Survivor is available on Paramount+, Global in Canada, and for free on 9Now in Australia. Past seasons of the show are also available on Hulu.

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How to watch Survivor online on Paramount+

When it comes to watching Survivor in the U.S., Paramount Plus has no competition. The streaming platform is home to all 43 seasons of Survivor, so you can binge-watch the entire show in one place. There’s even a seven-day free trial!

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Stream Survivor Season 43 for free in Australia

The Australian streaming service 9Now is great for streaming the latest season of Survivor—and it’s free! Simply create an account to get started with streaming Survivor 43.

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Watch Survivor 43 finale in Canada

Canadian streaming platform Global TV has all episodes of Survivor 43. Episodes can be streamed on-demand for free in the first seven days after the broadcast, after which you’ll need to sign in with a TV provider to stream.


Watch past seasons of Survivor on Hulu

Want to catch up on previous seasons of Survivor? Hulu has several installments of the hit show: Seasons 1, 22-34, and 37-39. New users can also enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Who is in the Survivor 43 cast?

Survivor Season 43 cast

Survivor castaways span a wide range of ages and backgrounds from all around the U.S. Here’s the full list of contestants in Survivor Season 43:

  • Cassidy, 26, designer

  • Cody, 35, elevator salesman

  • Dwight, 21, graduate student

  • Elie, 31, clinical psychologist

  • Geo, 25, project manager

  • James, 26, event planner

  • Jeanine, 24, UX designer

  • Justine, 29, cyber security saleswoman

  • Jesse, 30, political science Ph.D.

  • Karla, 28, educational project manager

  • Lindsay, 42, pediatric nurse

  • Mike, 51, heart valve specialist

  • Morriah, 28, teacher

  • Nneka, 42, pharmacist

  • Noelle, 25, U.S. Paralympian

  • Owen, 29, college admissions director

  • Ryan, 24, warehouse associate

  • Sami, 19, pet cremator

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