Use ExpressVPN on your devices.
Use ExpressVPN on your devices.
Need help with the ExpressVPN Keys browser extension? See setup instructions and troubleshooting guides for assistance. To see the release notes for the VPN browser extension, visit this page.

ExpressVPN Keys lets you take control of your password security. You can generate unique, complex passwords that are hard to hack, store them in a secure digital vault, then fill your logins with just a click. Here are the full release notes for ExpressVPN Keys.

2023 September 27
version 2.0.2

In this release, we:

  • Fixed an issue where the scrolling position in the list of logins would be lost when syncing occurs.
  • Fixed an issue with auto-save, where the auto-save dialog would not show the expected username or password when updating an existing entry.

2023 September 22
version 2.0.1

  • We fixed an issue where, on multi-step sign-in flows, ExpressVPN Keys would show you an auto-save dialog unexpectedly.

2023 September 21
version 2.0.0

In this release, we launched several new features to improve your ExpressVPN Keys experience. You can now:

  • Add, edit, view, and search for secure notes.
  • Add, edit, view, and search for credit/debit cards.
  • Download a PDF of your recovery code to print or store in a safe place.
  • Reset your recovery code if you lose it or need a new one.
  • Customize the length of time Keys stays unlocked after leaving the extension.
  • Export your saved data from Keys, and re-import them if you wish.
  • View any 2FA verification codes you had previously saved on the ExpressVPN app for iOS or Android.

2023 April 20
version 1.0.16

  • We’ve improved the reliability of importing credit cards and notes from other password managers.

2023 March 30
version 1.0.14

  • We’ve improved the reliability when you import logins from 1Password.

2023 March 22
version 1.0.13

  • We’ve fixed a few graphical errors on the password generator and view screens.

2023 March 16
version 1.0.12

  • You now have more characters to play with! We’ve increased the field limits for titles and usernames.

2023 March 13
version 1.0.11

In this release, we:

  • Added some missing icons of other password managers, who’s store of passwords can be imported into ExpressVPN Keys.
  • Fixed an issue where, if you tried re-importing logins, ExpressVPN Keys would show you error messages, rather than just ignoring the re-imported logins.

2023 March 9
version 1.0.10

As of this release, you can now:

  • View your saved secure notes.
  • View your saved credit cards.

2023 February 17
version 1.0.7

  • We’ve fixed a bug that was occasionally preventing you from successfully importing logins from Microsoft Edge.

2023 February 7
version 1.0.6

  • We’ve fixed a minor bug that was preventing notes that you added to logins from showing on multiple lines if the note length was long enough to require multiple lines.

2022 October 12
version 1.0.5

  • We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing you from importing certain passwords.

2022 September 4
version 1.0.4

  • It’s time for an update! We’ve added a new notification that will let you know when ExpressVPN Keys browser extension has updated.

2022 August 25
version 1.0.3

This release includes quite a few improvements, including:

  • New features
    • You can now add personal notes for each saved login.
    • You can import your current passwords from LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, and Bitwarden as CSV files.
    • You can find support articles for Keys in the Help tab.
  • Bug fixes
    • We realigned some icons that were out of place.
    • We’ve reduced the wait before deleting a saved login takes effect.
  • Improvements
    • We added acknowledgements for the family of fonts we use.


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