Talent Acquisition at ExpressVPN

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We are growing rapidly across the world, and need talented people to support that growth. Cue our Talent Acquisition (TA) Team.

Comprised of recruiters, sourcers, and coordinators, TA partners with leaders across our business to identify and bring on people who will help further our mission of building a freer and more open internet for all.

Our TA teams


Our recruiters are like ambassadors: they're often a candidate's first point of contact with the company. Then working in collaboration with hiring managers, they guide future employees through the interview process.


Finding good talent can be tough, but our sourcers are up to the challenge. From identifying promising candidates to matching them to the right role, sourcers are an integral part of our TA team.

TA Coordination

The human touch makes a huge difference in how applicants experience our company. Our coordinators are there every step of the interview process to ensure candidates are well taken care of, informed, and organized.

How we hire

Our hiring process is broken into a few different stages. The duration can vary greatly, largely due to the need to align the schedules of the candidate and interviewers. The process can be as quick as two or three weeks, but often takes more time.

Find out more about what our recruiters look out for when speaking with potential candidates.

Program management

As our company expands rapidly, there is an ever-growing need for those who can look beyond distractions and keep their cross-functional teams focused.


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Our corporate teams support ExpressVPN through the HR, legal, and finance functions as we work towards our mission of building a safer and more open internet.