This article details the EU declaration of conformity for the ExpressVPN Aircove AX1800.

Express Technologies Ltd


In accordance with Annex VI of Directive 2014/53/EU, Directive 2011/65/EU, Directive 2012/19/EU, Directive 2006/1907/EC, Directive 94/62/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

  1. For the following equipment:
    • Model: Aircove AX1800
    • Product: ExpressVPN Aircove
    • Trade name or Brand owner: ExpressVPN
  2. Name and address of the brand owner or his authorized representative:
    • Brand Owner: Express Technologies Ltd
    • Address: Mill Mall, Suite 6, Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  3. This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the brand owner.
  4. The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonization legislation:
    • RED Directive 2014/53/EU
    • RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
    • WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU
    • REACH Directive 2006/1907/EC
    • Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC
  5. References to the relevant harmonized standards used or references to the other technical specifications in relation to which conformity is declared:
    Essential RequirementHarmonized Standards
    RadioEN 300 328 V2.2.2 (2019-07)
    EN 301 893 V2.1.1 (2017-05)
    EN 300 440 V2.1.1 (2017-03)
    EMCEN 301 489-1 V2.2.3 (2019-11)
    EN 301 489-17 V3.2.4 (2020-09)
    EN 301 489-3 V2.3.2
    EN 55032:2015+A11:2020
    EN 55035:2017+A11:2020
    SafetyEN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017
    IEC 62368-1:2014
    HealthEN IEC 62311:2020
    EN 50385:2017

    The conformity assessment procedure has been followed and performed with the involvement of a notified body: TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.
    The notified body has assessed compliance and issued EU-type examination certificate: RT 60170140 0001.

  6. Supplied accessories: Power adapter model ICP30A-120-1500

Aircove AX1800 – EU Declaration of Conformity


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