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How we work

Why you should work at ExpressVPN

At ExpressVPN we embrace diversity—in culture, thought, and expertise. We take pride in individual excellence. We work both within departments that share the same function, under managers who are committed to helping us learn and develop new skill sets, and in teams specially formed to help us achieve our objectives. Our common goal: to make a meaningful impact on the digital world.

We hire extremely talented candidates who are collaborative, effective, intelligent people—and then trust them to do their jobs. Browse the hiring categories below, pick the one best suited to your experience, and get in touch today.

If you’re the right fit, we will find a position for you.

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Hiring process

#LifeAtExpressVPN: Our unique interview process

Our unique hiring process is every candidate's first step on their journey to ExpressVPN. Our hiring process breaks down as follows:

Hiring process

1. The application

Submit your resume and potentially answer a few email questions to help us better understand your work experience and expectations.

2. Talk to us

If your application is a fit, you'll do a brief call with a Talent Acquisition Specialist, then an interview with the hiring manager.

3. The interview loop

Meet with the wider team through in-depth interviews and exercises to get a deeper understanding of the role and ask questions.

4. Optional trial project

We offer an optional trial project that you can complete at home. Tackle realistic hypotheticals (and actual problems we’ve solved) that could arise.*

5. Final round interview

This last round could include feedback on your trial project (if you completed one) and interview loop, and is a chance to ask any final questions.

6. Offer & reference check

Once you’ve accepted your offer and given notice, with your help we’ll speak with former managers or colleagues. Then, get ready to join our team!

*For some roles, the optional trial project may be offered before the interview loop.


Our Talent Acquisition Team shares more about the traits we look out for and tips for making an impression during the hiring process. Click for more!