My career journey

ExpressVPN employees share their unique career stories.

So, tell us about yourself...

From first jobs and childhood ambitions to studies that led to totally unrelated careers, team members share their career journeys and what brought them to ExpressVPN. 

Aakash, operations lead

My career journey Aakash thumbnail

A fascination with “The Matrix” helped this commerce graduate discover his true calling.

Joy, software engineer

Find out how this math-lover wound up becoming a software engineer instead of a high school teacher.

Harsh, penetration tester

My career journey ExpressVPN employer branding Harsh

Working with colleagues who inspire him motivates this cybersecurity specialist in his work and career.

David, content director

This Super Dad’s career path is a captivating tale of dreams realized and new callings embraced.

Pam, front-end engineer

Pam career journey expressvpn

A front-end engineer with an artistic streak shares why the desire to learn led her to ExpressVPN.

Shermaine, data analyst

Shermaine career journey ExpressVPN

Volunteer work led this data analyst to seek out organizations that create a positive social impact.

Keith, product marketer

Career journey - Keith

Find out how this philosophy student-turned-sportswriter wound up in product marketing.

Stefania, ICC

This Italian punk music fan is helping our International Content Chapter reach new customers around the globe.

Dilip, IT engineering

My career journey ExpressVPN employer branding Dilip

This engineer was inspired to pursue a role with ExpressVPN after becoming one of our users.

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