How we attract top tech talent How ExpressVPN attracts the best technical talent

We’re making an impact on the world of digital privacy. Here’s why you should be part of it.
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The digital privacy field is an exciting place to be; the problems are challenging (and ever-multiplying), and solutions require outside-the-box thinking. So ExpressVPN hires highly effective, collaborative, intelligent people—then trusts them to do their jobs. 

Want to make an impact at a company that’s making an impact on the world? Read on to find out how we attract world-class talent and why you should join ExpressVPN.

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Extensive learning and development opportunities

Diverse teams mean diverse tech stacks. Moving to a new team doesn’t mean more of the same; you could work on server-side or client application, Android or iOS, product or R&D.

There are opportunities (not necessarily expectations) for thought leadership both internally and externally, to participate in hackathons, and to attend or speak at conferences and events. Grow your people management skills or specialize in a specific field. A desire to learn is a key attribute of ExpressVPN employees, and we actively support your growth.

“I’ve spent most of my career at start-ups, which has been really rewarding. But the downsides are that your work-life balance will suffer and your skill development can be a bit patchy.

At ExpressVPN, I've been able to focus a bit more on myself away from the office, and also on my own skill growth by learning from training courses and my skilled colleagues.”

Ed, VP of Engineering

We want to hear your ideas

We’re a rapidly growing company. This means we have resources to try things out, but we’re agile enough not to be bogged down with cumbersome processes. Things aren’t set in stone—if you have a better way to do something, we want you to tell us about it.

Technical Leadership from the very top
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We’re not an ‘up or out’ company

It’s common for developers to hit principal engineer status and find their careers stall unless they move into people management. Not at ExpressVPN. We have growth paths for both people managers and individual contributors, so you have freedom and flexibility on how to progress your career with us.

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We know you have a life outside work

Do we expect you to work hard? Of course. But do we expect you to sacrifice your nights and your weekends? Absolutely not.

We understand how crucial a good work-life balance is to the well-being of our employees. Our flexible working hours, unlimited sick leave, and generous health insurance (including mental health) are key to ensuring the health and happiness of our employees.

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We hire the best people

We make sure candidates are the right fit before making an offer. What does this mean for you? If you join ExpressVPN, it means you won’t be spending your time fixing other people’s mistakes. You’ll be writing innovative code and creating best-practice solutions with support from talented people who are the best in their field. 

We hire people who know what they’re doing, and we trust them to get on with it. It doesn’t mean there won’t be firefighting, but it’ll be the best kind. Log4j is a brilliant example of how quickly the ExpressVPN team responded to a rapidly-changing situation.

The interview process is designed to benefit you

We know: Tech interviews can be pretty in-depth. Many top-tier technology companies put their candidates through multiple rounds of interviews, pairing sessions, code assignments, and whiteboard sessions. Honestly? We do, too

The interview loop is the most effective way for us to make sure we’re hiring the right people. But while we’re learning whether you’re the right fit for us, you’re getting insight into how our teams work, finding out about our culture, and meeting potential colleagues. You try to impress us, and we’ll try to impress you.

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“The interview process enabled me to experience the strong technical prowess of employees and senior leadership.

I knew I was making the right decision to join ExpressVPN because I understood it was a company that could leverage my talents while simultaneously helping me to become even stronger.”

Aaron, Head of Cybersecurity

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