Andre Lo, P.Eng.

Software Engineering Manager

Technical expert

Andre Lo is Software Engineering Manager at ExpressVPN. He has been with the company since 2018, and has been involved in various cross-platform work for ExpressVPN’s client apps. He currently leads a team of engineers working on the Lightway protocol and core VPN technologies. Andre is also a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada.

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"We’re always excited to launch new features and give our users greater value. But amid these improvements, our commitment to user privacy is unwavering."

Andre's top picks


Lightway is ExpressVPN's pioneering new VPN protocol, built for an always-on world.


A VPN for Mac is software designed to enhance your security and privacy when you go online on macOS devices.

Threat Manager

Our Threat Manager feature restricts your data from being shared with third-party companies on our blocklist.

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