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Looking for a great deal? Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift, booking a flight, renting a car, or planning a hotel stay, using a VPN can help you find the best price while ensuring your online security.

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How does an online shopping VPN work?

ExpressVPN changes your IP address by routing your connection through one of 160 secure VPN server locations around the world.

Krypterad VPN-anslutning

For instance, if you choose a VPN server location in the United States, your web traffic will appear as coming from a U.S. IP location, whether you are actually located there or not. By switching VPN locations, you can check the prices of products shown to customers in other regions. A VPN also lets you access restricted sites and services, including e-commerce sites that are blocked in your country.

Förstoringsglas som förstorar online-erbjudanden i webbläsarfönster.

How to find better deals

Did you know that online stores and services do not treat all potential customers the same way? 

Online prices can vary across locations. In some instances, browsing from more affluent countries, cities, or even postal codes can result in higher prices. Wherever you’re based, using ExpressVPN to connect to various server locations can help you save money by giving you access to different prices.

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Save money on flights

Airlines are known to adjust pricing on flights based on the buyer’s location. Using ExpressVPN, start your search from smaller or less affluent countries and work your way up. Use an exchange-rate calculator to keep track of pricing, and always be mindful of tax inclusions. Tuesdays and Sundays tend to be the cheapest days for airfares. Fridays tend to be the most expensive.

Remember, there are no set rules for finding cheap flights, so it’s best to check back often and be as thorough as possible!

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Save money on hotels

Hotel booking sites use your IP address to determine pricing. Using ExpressVPN, set your location to the area you’re planning on staying in and check hotel prices in the immediate vicinity. Booking rates tend to be cheaper for locals than tourists.

It also helps if you don’t book your reservation too far in advance. Booking rates can often be lower three to four weeks before your intended travel date.

Bärbar dator med hänglås på orange bakgrund.

Protect your personal information

Shopping online is convenient, but you should always take care to minimize risk. Unsecured Wi-Fi could expose your credit-card number and other private information as you enter them into shopping sites, and your ISP might be able to see what you are doing and record your preferences.

Protect yourself while shopping online with ExpressVPN’s 256-bit AES encryption. Using ExpressVPN will also secure your browsing data, social-media passwords, and online banking credentials. Take back your right to online privacy now.

Why choose ExpressVPN?


TrustedServer sätter en ny standard för säkerhet, och dess integritetsskydd har granskats.

Kom igång direkt

Det går snabbt och enkelt att ansluta till VPN. Det är bara att registrera dig, ladda ner och ansluta!

Optimized for speed

ExpressVPN constantly optimizes servers to deliver the fastest speeds possible.

Superior connection reliability

Enjoy industry-leading connection stability and reliability, no matter where you are in the world.

Avblockera alla hemsidor du gillar

Kom åt innehåll fritt från censur. Avblockera Facebook, YouTube, Twitter och mycket mer.

Öka din anonymitet

Ersätt din IP och position för att förhindra att din onlineaktivitet och metadata spåras.

Streama video och musik

Få tillgång till Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Spotify och mycket mer, allt med integritet, säkerhet och blixtsnabba hastigheter.

Support via live-chatt

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