When setting up the ExpressVPN app on iOS, Mac, or Android, you will see a message indicating your VPN could be filtering or monitoring your network activity or traffic, plus a prompt to allow or not allow.

iOS and Mac

All network activity on this [iPhone, iPad, or Mac] may be filtered or monitored when using VPN.

“All network activity on this iPhone may be filtered or monitored” prompt message.


ExpressVPN wants to set up a VPN connection that allows it to monitor network traffic.

This is a default message sent by your device to ask for your permission to form a VPN connection.

Whenever you install a VPN app on your device, your device will ask you to allow the VPN app to form a VPN connection, and will display this default message to you. When you see this prompt, it is safe to select Allow to proceed with setting up the app.

This message appears for any VPN app you install on your device. This does not mean your network traffic or activity is being monitored by ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has no control over this message; it cannot modify the content of the message, nor prevent it from showing on the ExpressVPN app.

ExpressVPN is committed to protecting your privacy and respecting your privacy rights. ExpressVPN does not and will never keep:

  • Activity logs: ExpressVPN does not see, record, or store which websites you visit.
  • Connection logs: ExpressVPN never logs connection timestamps, session duration, or the ExpressVPN IP address your device uses.

For more details, learn about ExpressVPN’s policy towards logs and privacy policy.

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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