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Tech reviewers and Internet users agree: ExpressVPN is the online safety and privacy service you can count on.

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Once again A+ service when I had a question. Problem solved in 5 minutes. #thebestvpn Shane Cooper, @smc2707

Loving my ExpressVPN on the iPhone. Can finally use free Wi-Fi in the airport(s) and not worry about being spied upon while browsing. Christopher Haynes, @cphaynes

ExpressVPN be where you want to be online and stick it to the man! Brett Penny, @bp3849

Thanks to ExpressVPN, I am watching this game from here in South Africa! Keep it up, Jayhawks! Emily Juhnke, @ejuhnke1

Thank you for all of your help! I went on the chat and my questions were answered. Thank you! #ExpressVPN the best! Susana Lopes, @Ms_DancingQueen

You just made a hero out of me :) Wife currently watching gymnastics finals thx to you guys. Instant setup / good bandwidth A+++ David Pride, ‏@davejavupride

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Tech reviewers say we’re No. 1

In detailed comparisons with other services, ExpressVPN comes out on top.

There are so many reasons why ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers on the market. They deliver better speed than just about any other VPN service. Their security and support are top notch. Their software is easy to use and the user interface is clean. CloudWedge.com
ExpressVPN prides itself on simplicity and security. With plenty of servers, impressive speeds and clean interfaces for all its software/apps, it’s definitely the No. 1 provider. ProPrivacy.com
From all the different VPN providers available, only some have met every important factor with great results, and ExpressVPN is one of them. VPNpick.com
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When you’re online, we’re online

160 servers. No downtime.

ExpressVPN gives you a choice of servers in 94 countries worldwide. And they’re incredibly reliable, with average uptimes of 99.9%. So there’s no need to worry about your VPN not being available. We’re solid as a rock.

World class support

If you have a question or an issue, our Support Team is here for you around the clock. That’s any time of day, seven days a week. You can Live Chat with us or send us an email. Our typical response time is less than half an hour.

Respect for your privacy

We don’t log your traffic, and our IPs can’t be traced back to you. We’re vocal advocates for internet freedom and privacy, and we financially support nonprofit organizations that are fighting to protect your digital rights.

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Privacy Fist

Protecting freedom since 2009

ExpressVPN has been helping Internet users browse safely and privately for years. With servers in 94 countries, we give our customers freedom to access blocked websites and content around the globe.

Thousands of people use ExpressVPN every day, making us one of the world’s biggest VPN providers. No wonder we’re also one of the most trusted.

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Watch Anything

The most reliable VPN for...

... Kissing video buffering goodbye

Tired of waiting for your videos to load? Connect to any of ExpressVPN’s servers to bypass ISP throttling. Watch videos with an encrypted VPN connection that gives you privacy, security, and unlimited bandwidth.

With server locations in a network spanning 94 countries, you’re spoiled for choice.

... Securing your privacy

World governments have declared open season on your online privacy. The most prominent example is America’s NSA. It operates the world’s biggest data center in Utah, and it wants to keep files on you.

Our VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and the websites you visit, so you can browse the web anonymously. And with ExpressVPN, your data is protected by SSL and 256-bit encryption. Don’t let people spy on you, whether they’re governments, corporations, or Wi-Fi snoops.

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Easy as 1-2-3

More reasons to choose us

World’s fastest VPN

Enjoy HD video with our blazing speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

User-friendly apps

Use ExpressVPN on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and more.

Instant setup

Sign up, download the app, connect. No computer skills required.

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