Starting a business can be a difficult and intimidating endeavor, but with the right mindset, motivation, and resources, you can get your company running quickly and smoothly. From the planning stages to execution, each step requires know-how and specific tools for success. Financing, communication, website hosting, hired help, and security are five of the most important things you can learn about to make your business successful.

ExpressVPN has broken down each aspect below.

business plan


New businesses need funding, and funding generally comes from one of two places: investors or banks. In the current economic climate, it’s difficult to acquire unsecured business loans from banks, which has many start-ups turning to early-stage investors and crowd-funding to fund their projects.

Business credit cards are also a useful tool in the beginning stages of setting up a company, as you can use high credit limits to fund various aspects of your business and pay it off the same way you would a loan. You can compare different credit cards, their interest rates, and perks to find the best one for your business.


Communicating with investors, customers, partners, co-workers, and employees is crucial to the success of your company. You need to organize work meetings, brainstorm, or touch base with your network, update your investors on your progress, and inform potential and existing customers of your business. Email service, telephone lines, texting, instant messaging, faxing, and postal service are the main ways you might communicate with your circles.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an internet-based phone service with additional features, like virtual pbx and optional internet fax service. It is connected over existing high-speed internet lines at a fraction of the cost of a typical phone service, and comes with all the perks of an intricate multi-line phone service (like forwarding, extensions, voicemail, conference calling, etc.), without the high costs and confusing set-up.

Website hosting

In today’s tech-savvy world, the internet is the first place most of your customers will go to learn about your new business, whether it’s web-based or not. It’s important to have a website that informs potential customers who you are and what you do. In order to build a great website, you’ll need website hosting, which is available from many different providers around the web. Some hosts offer discounts on domain names, simple set-up options and website builders, email hosting, and e-commerce options. Be sure to search based on your specific needs.

Hired, interned, or volunteered help

No matter how bare-bones your new company is, chances are your life would be simpler if you had someone to help you. Delegating tasks not only lifts some of the weight off your shoulders, but also adds an additional pair of eyes and perspective when making business decisions. You have many options when it comes to adding bodies, from outsourcing help digitally right now to hiring an employee down the road, or even offering a friend partial ownership in exchange for becoming involved. Bringing in an additional helper with new talents and insights can have a huge impact on the success of your business.


There are two types of security you’ll need to protect your new business: virtual and physical. Assuming your physical safety needs are met, let’s discuss the virtual security.

Cloud Backup

Product information and catalogs, customer correspondence, email threads, and scheduling are all important details of your new business that should be digitally backed by cloud storage. By syncing or saving your business data to the cloud, you’ll ensure that it is protected, accessible, and updated as needed, regardless of where you are.

VPN Service

Virtual Private Networks provide you with a secure, unfiltered network to perform all your web-based actions, while maintaining a high-speed connection and ensuring the privacy of your IP address and user data. You’ll also be able to surf anonymously and access websites without the threat of trackers, identity thieves, or boundaries set by other networks.

Whatever type of business you run, you’ll require financing, communication, website hosting, physical help, and security. These five tools, combined with ambition and hard work, can help catapult your new business into the fast lane towards success.


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