Product Operations at ExpressVPN

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It’s an exciting time to be in product operations at ExpressVPN


Our Product Operations (ProdOps) team monitors and maintains ExpressVPN’s global infrastructure environments, ensuring the best user experience of our services, no matter where users are or what service they are connecting to. This also means diagnosing complex and highly dynamic changes in network conditions, and downright weird customer issues.

ProdOps constantly tracks the availability and capacity of our server fleet to meet changing demand. From sourcing higher-performing servers, to optimizing our footprint and network links around the world, ProdOps are experts at seeing and understanding the big picture.

“With the recent launches of the Aircove router and the Keys password manager, we are setting the pace in the industry to satisfy the fast-evolving needs of customers.”

- Mike, chief product officer

Why join ExpressVPN's product operations team?

At ExpressVPN, our ProdOps team works to provide our users around the world with 24/7 access to the best level and quality of service. They achieve this by monitoring and maintaining ExpressVPN’s global infrastructure environments to ensure the availability and capacity of these resources.

If you love solving unique problems and working on interesting technologies to help maintain the premium level of service our users expect, ProdOps is the team for you!

“We often need multiple functional experts in order to solve a problem or a different challenge.

“And because we’re at a stage where we’re growing very fast, those opportunities are all on the table.”

- Julien, product operations

Our teaming model

We've adopted a strong teaming culture at ExpressVPN. Our teaming model decentralizes decision-making, transferring that responsibility to team members themselves.

We empower teams to operate independently, giving them the freedom to make their own decisions around the processes and practices that guide their work.

Through teaming, we hope to turn the common question of “Why am I even doing this?” into “What can I do to solve this problem?” The result: employees are empowered to make themselves accountable for their teams’ objectives and key results.

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