Engineering at ExpressVPN

Join a vibrant team that's making a difference

An emphasis on teamwork and self-coordination

Engineering at ExpressVPN

At ExpressVPN, our engineers are effective, collaborative, and have a keen appetite for learning. And they're building a safer, more open internet for millions of people.

We don’t stress about titles much; instead, we make decisions based on merit and consensus, without a focus on status.

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“We're not really looking for people who just sit in isolation, tapping out code every day.

It's a much more positive, open, and collaborative culture.”

– Andrew, Engineering Manager

Our engineering teams

Product operations

Cloud backend (tech stack)

We're looking for operations specialists who are able to expertly coordinate efforts and responses to complex incidents, and propose new tools to improve the team’s ability to execute.

Software engineering

Build secure and user-friendly apps and services that benefit millions. Join us if you love solving problems and want to work with some of the best and brightest dev teams across a diverse tech stack.


IT services [tech stack article]

From troubleshooting application issues to engineering solutions for workflow and tooling problems, our IT department empowers ExpressVPN employees to do the work smart and effectively.


Here, QAs are not just "people who do tests." They are embedded in teams, and work closely with development teams in improving and extending both our quality, and our velocity.


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We constantly test our systems for vulnerabilities, protecting the privacy and security of our users. Reach out if you can think like an adversary to build and test our security controls.

Data insights

Our data platform

Turn data into compelling insights and predictions for a growing business that’s making a difference. We’d love to meet you if you consider quality, optimization, and efficiency as core standards.

Our tech stack

"What does your tech stack look like?" is one of the most common questions we get from engineering applicants. It's not exactly simple to answer, but our vice president of engineering loves laying out the different possibilities!

Rather than having enterprise architects make these decisions, our teams are empowered to come up with their own ideas about which tools or technologies best fit a particular problem. Click below to learn more about the six "worlds" in our tech stack, along with how we utilize different platforms in our day-to-day operations.

How ExpressVPN does engineering

Here's a general sense of how we approach engineering:

  • TDD by default.

  • Always CI/CD: Test suites should pass in CI within five minutes. Deployments should be fully automated, such that the time-delta between a release and the timestamp of the most recent commit should be measured in minutes.

  • Let data speak the truth—rely less on opinions. Therefore, lots of split-testing and metrics, of course within privacy constraints.

  • Security: "Be very difficult to hack" as described in our Trust Center.

  • Automate as much as possible. It's rare that anyone here needs convincing that something is worth automating.

Related teams

Product management

Our product managers lead cross-functional teams that drive our expansion into new frontiers of privacy and security, delivering products that better meet our users' needs.


Empower millions around the world to take charge of their digital privacy and security through compelling storytelling and marketing.

Program management

As our company expands rapidly, there is an ever-growing need for those who can look beyond distractions and keep their cross-functional teams focused.