ExpressVPN’s advanced protection features are a group of settings that include Threat Manager, ad blocking, and parental controls. When enabled, you can block ads, trackers, malicious sites, and adult sites for a safer online experience.

These features work by blocking apps and websites on your device from communicating with known malware sites, trackers, and adult sites on our blocklists. The blocking occurs locally, and the blocked domains never leave your device.

Our blocklists are compiled from the following open-source lists of known ads, trackers, adult sites, and malicious hosts. We update our blocklists once a week, and will continue to improve on the range of ads that we block. You can also report ads to us by contacting Support, and we will look into blocking them.

Tiuxo hostlist – ads
anudeepND adservers list
hostsVN ads list

FadeMind’s 2o7 Network Trackers
Geoffrey Frogeye’s First-Party Trackers
hkamran80 PiHole Blocklist for SmartTVs
Perflyst PiHole Blocklist for SmartTVs

Adult sites
hostsVN adult domain blocking hosts file
Sinfonietta’s porn blocking hosts file
Sinfonietta’s snuff-site blocking hosts file
Tiuxo hostlist – pornography

Malicious sites
URLHaus A project from with the goal of sharing malicious URLs.
DigitalSide Threat-Intel malware domains list
FadeMind’s Risky Hosts
FadeMind’s Spam
Hoshsadiq’s browser-based crypto mining list
Mandiant APT1 Report

Important: Advanced protection only blocks the trackers, malicious sites, ads, and adult sites identified in the source blocklists. Please continue to follow the best practices for protecting your online privacy and security.

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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