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ExpressVPN will never limit your data or bandwidth, and prevents your ISP from slowing down your connection based on what you're watching or downloading.

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Unlimited bandwidth

No monthly cap. No throttling of certain traffic by your ISP. With ExpressVPN, your VPN bandwidth is unlimited.

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Download securely

Your VPN should give you freedom to use the internet as it was meant to be—without limits or walls. ExpressVPN enables you to securely access the internet, on your terms.

Access censored websites with ExpressVPN and download as much as you want.

Prevent ISP
traffic shaping

Internet service providers often slow down or set caps on certain kinds of traffic to manage bandwidth. ExpressVPN’s advanced encryption makes all your traffic appear the same to your ISP, so it can’t limit one form of traffic in favor of others. You get the speed you need.

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with privacy

Stop sharing everything with your ISP

Your ISP is your gateway to the internet. It sees all of your website requests, internet searches, and download traffic. But can you really trust it? It’s just another corporation, after all. It might even be selling your internet traffic data to government agencies or other corporations.

When you’re connected with ExpressVPN on your computer and other devices, your ISP can’t see what you’re doing.​ Your web activity is private. Your searches are private. And your downloads are private.

Be more anonymous online

Your identity and personal information are at risk of exposure when you go online without a VPN. ExpressVPN masks your IP address and location. It also protects your data with strong 256-bit encryption.

That means n​o one can intercept your internet traffic.​ And the websites you visit see only the IP address and location of the ExpressVPN server to which you’re connected—never yours. You can browse the web with enhanced freedom and anonymity.

No activity logs and no connection logs

ExpressVPN thinks privacy is a fundamental right and does not keep activity or connection logs. The use of shared IP addresses means whatever you do can’t be traced back to you, either. So when you go online with ExpressVPN, your privacy is assured.

With the ExpressVPN network, there’s n​o need to worry about records of your online activity​ being shared with a third party—ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any.

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Most reliable
ultra-fast VPN

Unlimited bandwidth is great. But ​you also need super­fast download rates​​ to make the most of it. ExpressVPN constantly optimizes its network to bring you blazing speeds. That way you can download freely and quickly.

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Other VPNs restrict you—ExpressVPN doesn’t

ExpressVPN has been a vocal champion of internet freedom since 2009. You have a right to go online with privacy; what you do online is your business. So while other VPN providers might cap your bandwidth, ExpressVPN never will.

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Enjoy online privacy and freedom on all of your computers and devices.

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