How to Use Your Mobile Device to Control Netflix

Netflix made history by turning your computer into a TV*. But there's always been one element conspicuously missing from the classic lying-on-the-couch TV experience: the remote. If you've ever wanted to turn your smartphone or tablet into a Netflix remote control, read on.

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Netflix Remote with PlayStation 4

If you watch Netflix with a PlayStation 4, turning your smartphone into a Netflix remote is easy. Just get the official Netflix app for iOS and Android and follow these instructions:

Netflix Remote with PS4

Netflix Remote with any Computer

If you don't have a PlayStation 4 and you'd still like to use your smartphone to browse Netflix, there's a great third-party app called Apptui that connects to your computer via their shared Wi-Fi connection.

Apptui, which is available for iOS or Android, allows you to control your computer's cursor with your smartphone or tablet's touchscreen. Think of it as a wireless mouse.

When you're watching Netflix, the app automatically switches to "Netflix remote" mode, giving you specialized controls like Play/Pause, Skip, and even a Search field. Now there's no reason to leave the couch just to pause your favorite show.

Apptui isn't just for Netflix. The app recognizes several other web apps and services like Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, VLC, even Facebook. That's great if you frequently connect your computer to a larger display and prefer to browse from a distance.

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