Dear customers,

As the impact of Covid-19 spreads globally, ExpressVPN’s service continues to operate and enable you to connect privately, securely, and reliably. As of April 17, live chat support has limited availability due to staffing and security considerations related to the pandemic. We believe that we must do our part to protect our team members and their communities while we continue to operate with your privacy and security as a foremost consideration.

These considerations mean you may not always be able to access live chat support due to resource constraints. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and aim to fully resume live chat as soon as possible.

We’re still standing by and ready to help you around the clock at or via our social channels. Our response time may be slightly longer than usual, but rest assured that your queries will be answered. Our Support Center and FAQ also offer answers to common problems and questions.

This is a critical moment in the world. As we all continue to live our daily lives, let’s work together to protect and care for one another.



What’s the best way to get support?

We are ready to help you at or via our social platforms. Our Support Center and FAQ also offer answers to common problems and questions.

To enable our Support Team to quickly and effectively assist you, please also provide important configuration details such as your operating system/platform, ExpressVPN app version, and country that you are trying to access our service from.

When can we expect live chat to be back?

ExpressVPN’s team is physically distributed across more than a dozen cities worldwide. Many of these cities are affected by Covid-19, and we are monitoring the situation closely to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We will update you as soon as we’re able to resume live chat support at full capacity.

Are there other impacts on ExpressVPN’s service?

No, there is no impact on your ability to connect to ExpressVPN. Our product and engineering teams are already fully equipped to operate remotely as needed and continue building towards better service speed, reliability, and functionality. As users around the world work remotely, we understand that our service becomes even more important in helping those who may be relying on networks out of the office.

We remain available at or via our social channels in case you need any help.

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