Watch the Stanley Cup Finals with a VPN

Published: Mar 2, 2016

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Hockey can be a cruel sport. Only one team gets to lift the coveted Stanley Cup each year… and unless you’re a Chicago or LA fan, it’s probably not yours!

Even more cruel is missing the Stanley Cup because you don’t know where the match is being streamed. Luckily, with a VPN you can watch live.

Here’s how.

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Beat the goalie: How VPNs work

New to VPNs? A name like ‘virtual private network’ might sound complicated…

But they’re really an easy way to help you secure your Internet and watch videos from around the world.

With a VPN, you’re able to browse the web and stream the Stanley Cup Finals with an added layer of security.

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The Stanley Cup Finals are coming 

Started in 1892, the Stanley Cup is one of the longest-running sporting competitions in North America.

But history isn’t the only reason to love this lightning-fast and furious championship. No other cup mixes skill and aggression so beautifully. Few other cups have such eccentric traditions, from playoff beards to lucky octopi. And no other cup actually grows in size each year, as more room is made for engravings!

You don’t want to miss it — so here’s our streaming guide.

Watch the Stanley Cup Finals live on NBC (USA)

NBC is showing the 2016 Stanley Cup in the USA, and they’re streaming it at too.

Here’s how to watch live on NBC with a VPN:

  1. Connect to a U.S. ExpressVPN server.
  2. Visit There’s no direct cost, but you’ll need to sign in with a US cable or satellite subscription.
  3. Click the Stanley Cup stream and start watching.

Watch the Stanley Cup on CBC (Canada)

Canadian fans can also watch their home TV coverage while traveling, with the help of a VPN.

Here are 3 easy steps to follow:

  1. Connect to a Canadian ExpressVPN server.
  2. Go to when the games are on. There’s no need to sign in.
  3. Start watching!

Penguins again?

After an intense 6-game duel, the Pittsburgh Penguins triumphed over the Nashville Predators to win the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Will Pittsburgh be back next year? Will Nashville have a shot at revenge?

Go ahead, share your predictions in the comments!

And if you want to see the 2018 Stanley Cup live, get your skates on and set up your VPN now.

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