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If you’re a Netflix* fan, you’ve probably already used its main genres (Action, Classics, Horror, etc.) to browse through its movie selections. And you may have come across more specific categories as well (Crime Action, Martial Arts, Westerns, etc.). But Netflix secret codes let you search even deeper by uncovering niche film genres you wouldn’t encounter just by browsing.

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Netflix secret codes: A combination lock representing the hidden Netflix movies you can unlock with genre codes.

Netflix main genre codes

Go to Netflix and select “Browse,” then “Comedies.” Look at the address bar. You’ll see this:

That last number, 6548, is the Netflix genre code for Comedies. Continue browsing by scrolling down, and you’ll notice some genres are more narrowly defined than others. Comedies, for example, are divided into subgenres, each with its own genre code at the end of its URL:

  • Dark Comedies (869)
  • International Comedies (852492)
  • Late Night Comedies (1402)
  • Mockumentaries (26)
  • Political Comedies (2700)
  • Romantic Comedies (5475)
  • Satires (4922)
  • Slapstick Comedies (10256)
  • Sports Comedies (5286)
  • Stand-up Comedy (11559)
  • Teen Comedies (3519)

Each genre and subgenre of Netflix has its own code that, when added to the end of the URL string like this...[genre code]

...will take you to the page of movies that fit that category.

Netflix hidden category codes

Now for the fun part. There are codes for far more subgenres than can be navigated to just by clicking on categories starting from the homepage. These include options like:

  • Bellydancing (3054)
  • Courtroom Comedies (599)
  • Rockumentaries (4649)
  • Zombies (3719)

You can even get crazy specific:

  • Deep Sea Horror Movies (45028)
  • French-Language Horror Movies from the 1970s (2132)
  • Independent Coming-of-age Dramas based on Books (3010)
  • Feel-good Children & Family Movies starring Muppets (2663)
  • Suspenseful Comic Book and Superhero Movies on Blu-ray (4907)

And yes, in case you were wondering, “Deep Sea Horror Movies” is Netflix’s secret code for “Sharknado 1, 2, 3 and Other Terrible Shark Movies.”

Netflix secret codes: The complete list

For whatever reason, Netflix hasn’t made these subgenres public yet. Luckily, a few enterprising souls have tracked down and cataloged an extensive list of genres, subgenres, and codes. It’s a pretty long list, so use your browser’s Find function to check it out:

See All the Codes

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